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Ingredients For a Hott Rave

Ten things you never forget to bring to a Rave...

If you've ever been to a rave then you know what I'm talking about when I say it's a trippers wet dream. It's the lughts man. Right about here I'm gonna give you some ideas. If you like to go to ravces to Roll, Dance And Tripp then I know you've been searching for some new little rave toys. You've probrably got some crazy shit lying around the house that you never even thought of using. (Don't Lie! Big Brother's Watching) Let's start will toys for the nymphos (the Rollers). So you're sitting there at the rave feeling really grand. The nerve endings in every part of your body is hightened. You probrably want to know what you can do to drive you off the edge of ecstasy or at least push you into the "X Zone". Lets start with the 3 basic things I ALWAYS bring to a rave with me.

  1. Vick's Inhaler-the feelof the cool mintiness on the back of your throat or in your eyes kind of sends a tingling shudder through every part of your body. You can get them at any CVS drug store and only at certain Wal-Marts and also at gas stations, but they'll be expensive there. The reason you can't find them any more is because Vick's has warned all of it's carriers about what their inhalers are being used for by druggie X heads and so many of it's carriers have stopped selling them.
  2. Binkie (Pacifier)-You're always grinding your teeth uncontrollably, so instead of causing $5000 worth of Orthodontic work in one night just save yourself the trouble and buy a $4.00 pacifier. Plus you can be creative w/ it. Hang it around your neck by a necklace of blacklight reactive or glow-in-the-dark beads.
  3. Massager I always bring a small hand held vibrating massager. You can get them from any Bath and Body Works, or Walmart, Or even a Kangaroo Gas Station. That will lift you to heaven an dyou wont come down for 6-8 hours.

Okay now we'll go onto toys you may have lying around the house that you never thought of. We're still on the topic of rollers now.

  1. Balloons-I know this one sounds weird and I just found it out myself. But don't judge yet. Have you ever felt a balloon on your face while you were rolling? Well you should. Look just blow up a balloon until it's just the right size to fit in your palm and rub it ever so softly over the entire face. What their feeling is so light and soft almost fuzzy. The kicker is to roll it over their eyes. You are now boarding th X Zone.
  2. KooshKoosh balls are little toys that are covered w/ threads of rubber. these little sstrings that hang off of the koosh balls is what you want to use. Just like the balloon you tickle their face with it and just like the balloon the eyes are the kicker. But unlike the balloon you can use the Koosh on any part of the body.

What do they say?

What do you say?

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