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The Mainstream Rave Scene

Raving and Electronica have become more widespread than many Ravers hoped it would get. I was talking to a friend of mine (Bryan)not to long ago and he is a newbee to the rave scene. He mentioned how he hoped the Rave scene would stay as "underground as it is now. You know, not becoming more "Mainstream". I told him it was too late. Look around you people. I remember when I was going to Raves that were in cute little warehouses or lofts so far away from the street no one could hear the pounding music. As a matter of fact the last "underground" Rave I even heard of (In my area) was at the West-End Warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia, really close to the Pyramid (another closed down venue). West-End was a series of humungous lofts in an area that, by luck, happened not to exist in either of the surrounding police jurisdictions. Do you know what that means? The Loud, Louder, and Loudest parties. Lots of the time you couldn't get into the warehouse unless you knew the gate code. And of course you didn't know the gate code unless you lived there or were a friend of a friend who lived there. So here's what Bryan and I used to do.(Take Note) You sit idle in your car of to the left of the entrance a little and when a car pulls in to punch in the gate code you pull up behind them. They're thinking 2 things. #1 That you obviously live there and #2 they need to hurry along if a line's forming behind them. So you follow the car in just barely squeezing your hunk of junk through the closing gate. P.S. Once your car has begun to cross over the entrance thresh-hold the gate has a sensory mechanism that wont allow it to clos if something is obstructing its pasage. Anyway you wave to the freak you're following and jam your ass to a party. That's how Bryan and I got into a private D.J. Reunion for the Rydem Ryders (is that how you spell that)It was worth it cause at the time I was a newbee to rolling and I got the best roll there. A Triple-Stack_Teletubbie. Anyway I've been thrown totally off track now. Where were we? Oh yeah. Mainstrem Raving. I mean look around and listen. You're hearing a type of music you didn't used to here unless clubbing or you owned the C.D. (tape...whatever) Now you hear Electronica (techno) on commercials (like for the VW Beatle), and streaming out of store and restaurant speakers. You hear on the radio playing as if they always played it. You hear it in movies (especially) and shows. Where it never existed now it overflows.

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What do they say? What do you say?

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