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Stockbridge, Georgia

Hey there!. Okay I've gone serious for a minute. I just moved to New Orleans from Stockbridge, Georgia. Even though stockbridge sucked a lot of ass, I did leave behind vivid memories and antecdotes and friends. So even though I'm sure You don't want to hear about it. I'm gonna tell you anyway. I lived in Stockbridge for two years and all I did was complain about the city. Don't get me wrong, I don't know anyone ther that didn't complain about the city, but now that I'm gone I miss it. (sap sap sappy) Okay so I don't really miss Stockbridge, it's the people. Yep that's what we're gonna start with, the people. Forst there's

  • Bryan Burkeen. I have to admit he was my best friend while I was there. He was a crazy freak skater boy, half German half something else. I got him into raving and soon we were going all the time. I think last summer we went almost every weekend. Even though stockbridge suks Atlanta has some kik azz venues. Yes he had his ups and downs and I had mine and we had some togeher. One of his Big up and downs was

  • Melissa Merrit. I was friend's with Melissa first. W knew each othe r from school.(The dreaded Stockbridge High School) We'll get int o that later (Dr. Forbes suks). Anyway. I had to introduce Melissa to Bryan. And right away she dropped the guy she'd been dating (psycho) and went for Bryan. Everyone said what a cute couple they were. And they were! ven through the fights and the making ups (that's the ups and downs I was referring to). So through Bryan I met

  • Derrick Jackson. Derrick is another raver-boy. As a matter of fact Bryan and Derrick lived in the same neighbor hood. (so what you say) Anyway, derrick is a dj, he makes some tight ass Jungle beat tracks. oh yeah go to his web pageASTRONOMIX. And sign his guest book! Well lets get back to Stockbridge. There is nothing whatsoever to do in Stockbridge. The only place to go is Walmart. You know hw in normal places Waffle House is an old person after church hang out? Well not in Stockbridge. In Stockbridge Waffle House is the place you go to if you're trying to find anyone. They'll probrably be there. It's also a place of intense over mello-dramatic drama. the only thing I didn't like at Waffle House was that they didn't serve fries. (Hi Kathleen) Anyway, if you want to do anything in Stockbridge you have to go to the next city. Morrow has a mall and an AMC 26 and shopping and food and pool etc. (Pool was four out of seven days of the week) But if you wanted to party on a Friday or Saturday night (clubbing) then it was off to Peachtree st Atlanta we go. Us un-normal people would drive down Peachtree yelling out the windows at the peple on the street. And you know how loser college kids are. They'd yell right back. But if you wanted to go Raving On a Thurday, friday, Saturday, maybe Sunday then there were many venues. "the Church" is downtown Atlanta. Not hard to find. So is "Studio Central"(Pleasure studio). They throw okay raves I guess but the two I went to there kind of threw me. "The Church" Held some pretty tite ass raves. especially when the Balcony is open. The "Tabernacle" is also down town. That was my fave venue until they stopped holding "mirage " raves there and temporarily shut down. "The Atrium" is in Stone Mountain. It's my fave now. They always have great lighting. Always. The "Nike Pavilion" closed down permanently after that raid and the O.D. and the drug busts.