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Destination Rave Reality

MaInStReAm RaVe ScEnE

InGrEdIeNtS fOr A hOtT rAvE

My LIttLe Page OF tOp TenS

The DJs the Drugs And Ze Music

ThE eXtascy

Really bad Jokes Page

Ze AcId PoEtRy

First things first
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    Best Web Page Ever!!!!!! Some kik azz animations that will have you rolling on the floor. Just Click on the Link. It's Dirty too!

    This is actually fun "Story Time" It just takes about 3 minutes to do so don't be an ass. What's three minutes you can take out of your bathroom time

    Go NoW tO pAgE o StUfF! Okay this page is just about the tightest web page I've ever seen. Dude's got skill. Sign His Web Page

    The Answering Machine (FUnnY) There are no words for this. You've just got to go and see for yourself

    Jokes dOt Com The name says it all. Hey there's a from on the main page! Let the visual speak for itself.

    Stick Death You have never seen stickmen die have you? Well You will now. No Stickwomen die 'cause women rule.

    sLuGgY You HAVE to CLICK and go and pass the word on.

    Official Calvin and Hobbes web site What can I say. Calvin and Hobbes rules and will always and you know it too. So what are you waiting for?

    SoUtH pArK rElAtEd Need I say More. Hell the First thing you see is Mr. Hat.

    You got to sign this-It's my own Little trick 4U
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    What do they say? What do you say?

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