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Xena and Herc merchandise I own

I thought it would be neat to list all the stuff I've got, and this way I'll be able to keep track. All the action figures will link to pictures of that action figure, and any books(or tapes, or cds) I listed, the links will take you to, where you can get them for yourselves.

Hercules stuff

1st Xena-5 inch action figure

2nd Xena-5 inch action figure







Hercules Postcard Book

Hercules & Xena Role-Playing Game

Script:The Warrior Princess

Hercules basic 90 card trading card set

By the Sword

The Eye of the Ram : A Novel

Serpent's Shadow : A Novel

Hercules, the Legendary Journeys: The Offical Companion

Xena Trilogy: Xena, the Warrior Princess. The Gauntlet and The Unchained Heart

Xena Stuff

Autographed Picture Of Alexandra Tydings

11x14 pic of Aphrodite

6" Xena Action Figure

6" Callisto Action Figure

6" Gabrielle Action Figure

6" Xena, flip action

6" Harem Xena

6" Velasca

6" Autolycus Figure

6" Grieving Gabrielle and young Hope set

Series 1,2&3 complete basic set of Trading Cards

Xena Magnet

"The Debt" t-shirt

Xena 1999 calender

Battle On! : An Unauthorized, Irreverent Look at Xena : Warrior Princess

Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Conner: Warrior Stars of Xena

Prophecy of Darkness : A Novel

Xena - Warrior Princess : The Official Guide to the Xenaverse

Xena : All I Need to Know I Learned from the Warrior Princess

Xena : Warrior Princess

The Xena Scrolls

Xena Warrior Princess Postcard Book

The Huntress and the Sphinx

Xena soundtracks, VOL 1, VOL 2, VOL 3:The Bitter Suite, a Musical Odessy

5 packs of "Xena Booster Packs" 4 of 'em are still unopened.

2 Posters of Xena

8x10 of Gab possessed by Tataka

8x10 of Xena in Shamaness outfit

8x10 of angelic Callisto

TV guide, LL on cover

1 xena comic

Offical Magizines #2,#3,#4

2 X-Pose magizines mentioning Xena, #27, #32

2 copies of the Maxim mag, w/LL on cover, one in mint codition, the other is a little torn up

Many torn out articles involving LL or Renne, or the show

Cartoons found in local papers mentioninh xena

Stuff printed out from "Whoosh"

Pics printed out from the net, many of them

Printed out top ten lists :)

Torn out TV guide descrpitions of weekly xena eps, all 4th season some of third season.

Every ep, except for 3, taped

And that's it

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