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The Walk

"C'mon let's go for a walk," she says and grabs my hand. Out of the building we go. We walk on that dirt between the trees. It is covered with those things that are also on the trees. Oh look over there. What is that? I must go see.

"Oh no! Stay on the path, " she yells. And she pulls me back to her side.

We are still walking with those things crunching under our feet. You know the ones that are on the trees too? So funny. Some down and some up. I wonder what they taste like. Are they like those pieces of candy I got from that lady dressed like a snowman the other day? I pick some up. They have the same shape as the thing that keeps rain away. What do they call it? I put them in my mouth.

"Oh no! Don't eat the leaves," she yells. I spit them out. They didn't taste like candy anyways.

Oh look! There's one of those gray pointy things. I tried to play catch with one of those before. It hurt my hand and momma wrapped it with that thing she called a banana. No a bandanana. No bandanna. That was it. It was blue and had a red heart one side and the shape of a bicycle, no icicle on the other. She said it was special cause daddy had made it and he gave it to her when they were beside a brook. I don't know what that is. She said that the heart was for love and the icicle was the stage name of their favorite band. I don't think it is special at all. It's just weird. I think I'll throw that gray pointy thing at mom. She is bigger. Maybe she can catch it.

"Oh no! Don't throw that rock at me," she yells and grabs my hand.

"It will be dark soon. We must go back."

I know that when we started this walk it was just me and her, but everytime I look behind there are two more. They are close to us. One big and one small. I wave and the small one waves back.

"Oh stop playing with your shadow," she says.

Now we are past the trees and the dirt between them. Look it is the place where we sleep. It has words on the door. I ask my momma what they say, "For the hundreth time, it says Welcome to the Pixie Exit Market and Hotel. The place where you can buy groceries, swim in the umbrella shaped pool, or sleep all day, " she points to each word as she says them. One day I will be able to know those words like my momma, but until then I'll just ask her what they say whenever we come back from walking between the trees on the dirt and crunchy things.

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