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He walked into his 6th grade classroom and took his seat.

Nothing unusual about this day.

He talked to his friends around him.

Nothing unusual about this day.

He ate his lunch in the cafeteria.

Nothing unusual about this day.

He had to walk home from school.

Nothing unusual about this day.

He saw men shooting dice on the corner.

He saw drug users buying from dealers.

He saw women selling their bodies for drugs or money.

He watched as one of his classmates shot and

Killed another classmate over a pair of shoes.

Nothing unusual about this day.

You Remind Me

As I run my fingers through your hair

I'm reminded of a snake in the grass.

As I run my hand across your face

I'm reminded of a smooth baby's bottom.

As I run my lips across your chest

I'm reminded of a mother cleaning her babe.

As I run my dagger through your heart

I'm reminded of how easy it is to kill.

I'm reminded of how hard it is to love.

As your blood runs through my fingers

I'm reminded of a faucet overflowing.

Day after day she blindly gave him her heart

And all would do was tear it apart.

He told that she didn't deserve his love

And she placed him on a pedestal high above.

He told her to be thankful that he was her man

And she placed her soul in the palm of his hand.

To her he could do no wrong

His words were as sacred as gospel in a song.

And so everyday she let him drag her through hell

It was as if she was trapped under a spell.

Then came the day that she could see the light

And soon she began for life to fight.

Breaking his chains would be hard to do

But she was woman and had the strength to make it through.

Day after day she slowly took back her heart

And her strength would grow with each returned part.

She told him he didn't deserve her love

And she knocked him from his pedestal high above.

And she took her soul from the palm of his hand.

Now everyday his life's a living hell

For she is no longer under his spell.

I am not afraid as I walk this path

For others have gone before me.

The way has been cleared by those

Unrelenting souls who dared not give in.

It has been worn by the treading of the

Braves ones who would not give up the fight.

I am not afraid as I face life's uncertainties

For many have battled and made it through.

As I look at my future, I see the past

And without the past there can be no future.

I hear them say to me as a mother once told her son

"Life for me ain't been no crystal stair."

But still they carried on.

From this I draw my strength.

And as I hold you in my arms I see

My future and my past.

Alone, I will care for and comfort you.

I will not let you fall by the wayside

As many have done today.

I will show you your beauty

And teach you to let it shine through.

They tell me it takes two

And that one girl can't do it alone.

But I am not afraid to walk the path I've chosen

For many have triumphed before me.

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January 1,2000