Writings of Amenemopet

That you understand my words and your heart puts them into practice, because the one that follows them knows interior peace.

Do not allow the poor and the old to be treated harshly by gesture or word.
Don't wish to be ever in the company of a perverse man.
Know that a man of good is always loved of God when he thinks before expressing himself.

The bad trample underfoot the good, and by bad actions try to waste time!
Those that want to be owners should not become wealthy while digging furrows in the earth of others. It is better to be poor and in God's hands.
Bread is better when the heart is happy, For every man has his hour fixed by destiny.

Recite your prayers to ATEN when he appears on the horizon so that he will grant you prosperity and health, and will save you from need and misery for all of your life.

You must endeavor to be sincere with YOUR NEIGHBOR even though it may cause him grief.
Don't covet the possessions of others, and don't let your neighbor starve, because it is evil to take the life of one that is good.
If you discover that a bad man took a measure of bread from a hard-working farmer, stop it from occurring in the future. Such an act will be beneficial to your soul.

The one that is pure as gold in high content will have honors above of the crowd, and will see the downfall of his enemies.

Be humble and discreet, because discretion is better for the man who looks for perfection.
In truth God's intentions are impenetrable, Bow yourself before them and know that he can when he wants, destroy the tranquillity of men.

In truth, man is made of clay, mingled with straw.
God is his creator and came from his divine hand.
How happy the one that reaches the beyond!
It proves that he lives in God's hand.
If a young man curses an old man, he cannot pray to the solar disk, because Re, that knows all, will punish the guilty heart.

Don't forget that the stranger is your brother, Don't pass by with your jug of oil without stopping for him.