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Blind Guardian (German power metal)
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Demons & Wizards (American/German symphonic/power metal)
Enigma (Romanian new age/pop)
Gregorian: Masters of Chant (German Gregorian chant/pop)
Hammerfall (Classic-style Swedish power/heavy metal)
Helloween (Classic German power metal)
Hollenthon (Austrian gothic/symphonic metal)
In Flames (Swedish death metal)
Iron Maiden (Classic English heavy metal)
Manowar (Classic American heavy metal)
Nightwish (Finnish symphonic metal)
Nine Inch Nails (American industiral/gothic)
Nocturnal Rites (Swedish power/heavy metal)
Ozzy Osbourne (Classic American/English heavy metal)
Rammstein (German industiral/gothic)
Rhapsody (Italian symphonic metal)
Stratovarius (Finnish symphonic metal)
Therion (Swedish gothic/symphonic metal)
Tristnia (Norwegian gothic/symphonic metal)
Within Temptation (Hollander gothic/symphonic metal)

Video Games

Conquests of Camelot
This is a very old Sierra game where you play King Arthur in your search for the Holy Grail. It's from a time when Sierra still had games where you type what you want to do instead of push crappy icons. The graphics were pretty good for their time, but that doesn't say much now, ofcourse. Just to warn you though, there are some parts in the game where you have to answer riddles in order to proceed, in which case the instruction book would come in handy, but the answers are probably easy enough to find using the internet. Here is a quick walkthrough.

Elf Bowling 3
Hold on to your stockings...those bawdy, naughty, wise-cracking elves are back for their wackiest adventure yet! Having returned to the North Pole Santa finds Rudolph and all the reindeer unable to fly the sleigh (or count backwards…or walk in a straight line… or touch their hoof to their nose…). Seems they have become good friends with Santa's older brother Dingle Kringle who has fallen off the wagon…again.

Final Fantasy 4: Hard Version for the Zsnes
This is a translation of the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 2 (American). Based heavily on D&D and Star Wars, it was one of the best RPGs ever released for the Nintendo. This one is the original Japanese release, which is much better than the dumbed-down Nintendo version, including extra abilities and magic items, uncensored dialogue, and in some parts a longer, more detailed story. The Final Fantasy series was produced by Square, which had put Enix's Dragon Warrior/Quest game to shame with the release of Final Fantasy 1 in 1988, blew away all other games in popularity with the release of Final Fantasy 7 in 1998, only to be devoured by Enix in April 2003 after losing $150 million to the release of The Spirit Within.

If you download the Zsnes, you might want these quick instructions

Final Fantasy 5 for the Zsnes
This RPG is one of the best in terms of game play and is one of the most challenging. It's the predecessor of Final Fantasy Tactics. Lots of classes to choose from as you go along. The story isn't as good as either Tactics or FF4 though.

Genghis Khan 2: Clan of the Gray Wolf for the Zsnes
Few people have played these historical simulation games but they are really fun with two players. This game has the best battle sequences of these tactic-based games.

The Ice Queen
Written by Angelo Bertolli, this is a small RPG set in the mountains. In this short game, you seek to kill the Ice Queen who has sent the land into an eternal winter. Ice Queen is a simple RPG game originally created on Turbo Pascal 6.0. The graphics are better than anything i've ever done, but it is still incomplete. And ofcourse, it wouldn't be one of Angelo's game if there wasn't a special appearance by Ronald McDonald.

Another game by Angelo, this one a political text-based game involving tactics and strategy. I found this game to be very challenging.

PopUpStopper 2.92
Okay, this isn't a video game, but with it, you can tred boldly into unchartable sites as PopUpStopper machettes through ad pop-ups and restores focus back to your desired site and away from the once unslayable pop-ups that only breed the more you hack into them!

Procreator is a set of 3 games I wrote a long time ago: a detective game, a fantasy story generator and a military fantasy RPG. To play them, unzip Procreator and double-click 'gwbasic.exe'. Then type: run "procreator"

Scorched Earth
The Mother of All Games. An intriguingly simple tank game where you decide what angle and at what velocity to fire your shot. Each shot allows you to gauge how much you should compensate. In between games you can buy shields and other kinds of ammunition.

Starcraft Demo
This is the most addictive game i've ever played. There are three different races to choose from, each of which is very well balanced: the virus-like Zerg have the best offense, the Protoss have the best defense, and Terrans are the most versatile (meaning their bases can lift off for escapes) and are the best at sneak attacks. Battles work on a rock-paper-scissors basis: starships defeat ground troops, missile silos defeat starships, and ground troops defeat missile silos; that sort of thing. Unfortuneately, the demo only allows you to play Terran using only one map. I also created a Star Trek/Star Wars/War of the Worlds version of the game called "Federation vs. The Empire" with the game's campaign editor.

Probably the simplest game ever to receive such an astounding amount of popularity as well as the only video game to cross the age gap in mass quantity. The legal battles between Atari and Nintendo make a colorful history for this Russian-born game. You'll have to push F11 in order to play the game full-screen.

This is a great meideval strategy game in which select one of eight countries, from elves, dwarves, orcs, giants and a couple of human nations. You then set the toughness of other nations and start to play. You start with one castle which produces an army every once in a while and a hero. This hero can either lead an army, or simply wander around and search old ruins. In return, he is either slain, or finds special objects, gold, or mystical creatures as allies. The economy of the game is pretty simple. Each city produces a set amount of gold each turn. Each army consumes a set amount of gold each turn. The game also provides many different lists to compare how your side is faring against the other and even reports which countries fear and hate you the most. A great game for when you have lots of people over but only one computer.

X-Com: UFO Defense
Also called "UFO: Enemy Unknown", this RPG gives you control over an organization defending against an alien invasion from Mars. You not only command a force of men and tanks in elaborate turn-based battle scenes, but also have to deal with the decision-making side of the organization: building bases in the countries most at-risk of infiltration, buying weapons from the money made in selling alien corpses, interrogation, researching alien artifacts, and manufacturing anti-gravity suits or new ships. The best parts by far are the terror missions, where you can take your plasma rays and bazookas into crowded cities to (cough) defend the pedestrians from alien attack forces. Here are some patches and cheats for the wussies who can't handle a fair fight


"Apocrypha: The Sumerians and Akkadians" [MSWord] [Text], by Bahumuth
"A Comparison of Distributed Systems: ChorusOS and Amoeba", by Angelo Bertolli (NEW!)
"Compassion" , by Alexander Johnson
"The Complete Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"
"Contending Persepctives of the International Political Economy", by Robert Pierce
"Critical Review of the Wife of Bath's Psychoanalytical Critique", by Bahumuth
"Father's Day" , by Alexander Johnson
"Flight From Home", poem by Angelo Bertolli
"Florida Shell Shop", by Bahumuth
"The Four Outcasts", by Alexander Johnson
"Geraldine: Demon or Divine?", by Everett Bradshaw
"I Like Monkeys", by Jesse Walker
"If I Ever Become an Evil Warlord"
"Immortal Peasents", by Bahumuth and Angelo Bertolli
International Relations Essays, by Robert Pierce
"The Isle of Dread", by Bahumuth
"Language, the Bible and Textual Comparisons", by Bahumuth
"Milton and the Trinity: Good, Evil and Free Will", by Bahumuth
"Mystery at St. Pius X", by the St. Pius X Creative Writing Club
"The Netbook of Magical Treasures" [Adobe Acrobat], edited by Micah J. Higgans
"Prudence Decor", by Angelo Bertolli
"Reason Not to Party Anymore", editorial by Kimm Antell
"'Rood' Awakening", by Everett Bradshaw
"The Spiritual World of William Blake", by Bahumuth
"To Valhalla by Horseback?", by Peter Shenk
"Violence in Video Games: Social Corrupter or Innocent Fun?", by Everett Bradshaw
"The White Rose", poem by Angelo Bertolli
"Who Owns Information?" [Powerpoint], by Bahumuth

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