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Post A Hole

By R2R
(March 14, 2001)

Meet that wild and wacky alien PAH. He has been online cyber probing everyones wife for the last 3 years. Here how a true legend gets "MORE BY ACCIDENT" than you you will get in your lifetime!!

This is 1 horny MO FO. (You'll read later how he brainwashed everyone.) He was born and raised in Space a little over 4000 years ago. Because of overly excited "PROBE" he knew he needed to go to "EARTH"

PAH is blessed with 3 probes that work independately. He has been known to satisfy as many as 15 woman at any given time. When he learns to control his 2nd and 3rd probe this # will surely EXPLODE

What some folks think of the little ALIEN

Pah is the greatest prober that's ever probed me! And like he said..... it was the best 30 seconds of my life! :-}~~ ....X Wired

To me Pah is short ( like me ) which makes him the ideal playmate. He's Funny ( like me ) which makes it easy to share a laugh. He odd ( like me ) which makes me feel like part of the gang. He's sensitive ( Like me) so he would never intentionally hurt anyone's feeling He's cute (like me) which is a plus in anybody's book. All this adds up to one thing, I have to check the mirror each morning to make sure I'm not Pah. I wont worry until I start to grow a probe.......books15

The last time Pah probed me it only took 15 second, but then again I was manipulating the other probes. That could account for the lost 15 seconds. Hey Pah can we try again I'll keep my paws to myself, I promise. .....books15 (again)

I heard Pah has BIG FEET............You know what that means!!!!!!! Cum here Pah!! :) Katbones

my opinion is that pah is a nut-case (in a GOOD way) i love his dry sense of humor...but im pissed off that i havent got my probing yet! LOL....louise1956

Personally I hate the little backstabbin, mealy mouthed fokkin rat bastard....he's a pain in the ass...but then again I am prejudiced...cuz I know him better than you all do... And ya know ya aint been probed yet? Ya woke up in a mysterious wet spot with an intense desire for a ciggy? If so, ya been probed....heh.....???????

Edges replied with this wav

Yeah! what La said. Been here two months (?) and still waiting.....geezzz.......wsup PAHHhhh?....kissnfroggs2

i havent felt any mysterious wet spots, (yet) and as for intensely craving a ciggy....i crave them every day!! (thats what happens when you quit smoking!) and if i have been or will be probed, id sure like to know about it! dont wanta miss anything...LOL....la56

Sir Real responded with "He never stole a freight train"

And last but not least the Lawyer (High Brow) spews his usual garbage....

Sir Real seems to have a good grip on the situation regarding the little alien fellow. Succinct yet obtuse and more than likely without the ability to be verified. Now just where is this "creative masterpiece"? I know we are all holding our collective breath.

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