Free ISP For Sega Dreamcast

Step # 1 --Go sign up here. There is a 7 page sign up form.They are listed as A thru G.

 A) Actual sign up page.
 B) Register E-Mail name.
 C) Enter product code exactly.(FWDL.2.1)
 D) Accept the agreement terms. 
 E) Select dial up access #. Make sure the call is local.
 F) Confirm the information you entered is correct.
 G) Click finish, you are now registered.

Step # 2 --Setting up dreamcast--This is an actual working account.I could care less if you use it.
 A) Now turn on your Dreamcast with the Browser disk inside, and wait for the "Enter/Email" screen to come up. Press the start button and select "Options"  Now select "Internet Connection" and get your ISP info ready.
 B) Put your real name in the "Real Name "box. (Homer Simpson) 
 C) Write your Email Addresss in the "User Login" box.(
 D) Type your Password in the "Password" box.(abc123)
 E) Put one of the access numbers you got from your free ISP in the "Dial Up Number's" box.(Example: 111-111-1111)
 F) Now, the DNS (Domain Name Server) boxes.When you finish it should look like this...Example: 
Real Name  : Homer Simpson User ID : Password : abc123 Dial Up Number: 111-111-1111 Back Up Number: 111-111-1111 DNS1       : 216-_70-_64-1 DNS2       : 216-_70-_64-2

Step # 3 --Code for faster modem speed When you get to the second page of Internet connection look and enter this code exactly.

 Modem Int      :56,1,43000,53000

Step # 4 --Setting up the e-mail features Remember it should look like this

 Email Login     :Homer Simpson
 Email Password  :abc123
 Email Adress
 Incoming Server
 Outgoing Server

Step # 5 --Miscellaneous
 A) I would like to thank for helping me to get my dreamcast up and running for free.
 B) You can use other mail servers for quicker e-mail. Freewwweb seems to be really slow. Just replace the freewwweb with what ever server you choose. 
 C) All E-Mail is welcome.
 D) I will update this page as needed.
 E) If you use this page to get your own free ISP please  Sign The Guestbook.

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