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LOUISIANA has a mutual consent registry for adoptee (age 18 or older), birthmother, birthsibling and birthfather, if the father has legitimated or formally acknowledged the child as provided by law or has signed a voluntary abandonment and release for the child's adoption. 

For registry  information, contact:
Louisiana Voluntary Registry
Department of Social Services/Offices of Community Services
P. O. Box 3318
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

Telephone: (225)-342-9922 or  1-800-259-2456

International Soundex Reunion Registry
is a mutual registry, but without all the red  tape. Even if you register with the State, you should also register with ISRR. Everyone involved in adoption should have this address:       
  International Soundex  Reunion Registry  (ISRR)
                  P.O.Box 2312
                  Carson City, NV  89702
                  (702) 882-7755

Free form, and registration. This is a non-profit organization, donations accepted to help the cause. Send a few dollars if you can. Any member of the birth or adopting family can register, many register only the birthdate, gender, and general location, they do the best they can, and they have trained staff available as necessary.

A Great Searcher




Methodist Home 504-895-7709
Catholic Charities 504-523-3755 Ext. 2228 Contact Karen Caldwell
Protestant Home (Now Raintree) 504-899-9045 Contact Laura Jensen
Volunteers of America 1-800-535-9646 Contact Dana Cousins or Donna Breaux
Children's Bureau 1001 Howard Ave. New Orleans LA 70113 Contact Ada Burson
Louisiana Baptist Children's Home (Sellers) 318-343-2244 Contact Kathy Thoman

BATON ROUGE area Support Group