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Religions: Different yet similar?

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Eveofdusk's Page

Welcome to my web page.

This web page is dedicated to Witches and Pagans world over. I think it is about time that the world realized that the Wiccan/Witches/Pagans have been around from the begenning of time. I wish that the religious zealots would understand the meaning of the Wiccan Religion, before they start "bashing" it or trying to "convert" people who have found a path that is right for them. Most Witches and Pagans that I have meet in person are some of the best people that you could have ever asked to meet, most of us would give you the shirt off of the very back that wears it. Society has been taught for ages that Witches are people who worship the devil and are evil people. Well here is two FACTS for them firstly most Witches dont' believe in the "devil", because we believe that there is no ultimate evil. And secondly that for everything good there has to be an opposing bad force, to maintain the balance of nature. Because if the world was to be as most "christ" based religions would have it, then the world would be a wonderland.

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