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Treasured Memories Web Sites

Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories was created by Peggy Martin and Judi Walker in memory of our children, Shelley and Shane. What do we do? We make web pages for parents who have lost children, there is no charge for this.

When I first came on line after I had lost Shane, I saw beautiful memorial pages and I wanted one for Shane. I could not afford to have one made, so I promised myself and Shane that I would learn and that when I did, I would make sure any parent who had lost a child and wanted a web page for them, they would have one. I am keeping a promise to Shane by making web pages for others, it comes from the heart because I know and share their pain. It is also my small way in helping keep these children's memories alive.

In Memory of Shane

The greatest fear a mother has after losing a child is that they will be forgotten. After I lost my beautiful daughter in a tragic accident, I realized this fear. Then I heard about the memorial websites. I knew this would be a way to keep Shelley's memory alive for all to remember her. Reading the entries in her guestbook lets me know how many people still remember and love her and also how many people, who never would have known her, have met her through it's pages. Making the websites for others brings great satisfaction in knowing that I can give this gift to another mother who feels the same pain and heartache.

Shelley Beasley Memorial

Here are some of the pages we have made for others.
Pages We've Made

If you would like to have a web page for your child, e-mail us