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Welcome to all those who have chosen to enter this domain.

Feel free to look around for within these pages you shall discover "The Velvet Queen's" likes, dislikes, her favorite people, places,and things. Feel free to contact me as I enjoy chatting with new people. You will find a few of my favorite links so you can get to know me better. Places i like to shop, friends pages, and more information about "The Queen". Don't forget to sign my guestbook to let me know you were here. I am always adding on to this site so please return and discover all the secrets of "The Velvet Queen" or at least those I choose to reveal.....

"Everyone keeps asking me to ad new pics of myself. Well...I gave in and not only took new ones but have been working on a subdirectory for them. I currently only have the thumbnails in place but I may link them to the full sized images real soon. Enjoy" :o)

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