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Og's Guide to the Lejendary EarthTM World

picture by Juan Carlos Ochoa

Welcome maggots! I am Og K'cab the Mighty. Hear my words and mourn. 'Tis my allotted task to ward the road from Earth to the Lejendary Earth world. Just in case any of you scum were thinking of trying to get to MY world, here are a few reasons why you shouldn't:

  1. If you try I'll kill ya!
  2. If I don't get ya one of my mates will…
  3. But I'm gonna get you anyway so who cares?

You might be wondering what the Lejendary Earth setting is like. Well I'll tell you; it's a place of wonder and high adventure. From the perilous Banir Wastes to the witch haunted mire of the Grimfens, action and excitement await the hero bold enough to face the challenges of this fantastic world.

Of course you wimps ain't ever going to reach the Lejendary Earth campaign setting anyway. I guard the Lejendary Road that leads from your mundane Earth to the Lejendary Earth world. You can try and get past me, my mates and the many weird obstacles I've placed in your path, if you play in the Lejendary Road scenario, an adventure written by that bozo Jon Creffield and published by Hekaforge for the Lejendary AdventureTM fantasy role playing game.

But remember, I stand ready to rip you limb from limb the minute you set forth on the Lejendary Road

Well, if that ain't put you off and you want to know more about the Lejendary Earth world and the great new Lejendary Adventure Role Playing Game click here to visit my links page:


click here to e-mail Og, if you dare!

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