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Happy Father's Day Daddy

Happy Father's Day in Heaven Angel Daddy!

Our Daddy

Our Daddy is an angel in Heaven with Jesus
He's way, way up in the sky
We were little babies when he left us
And we don't understand why....

On Father's day we send balloons to Daddy
We blow kisses to Heaven and we wave
We love to do this, it makes us happy
We don't realize yet that not everybody's Daddy has a grave.

We bring our Daddy pretty flowers
We light candles for him on holidays
We see him in pictures and learn of him from others
We know he is still with us in many ways.

Our Daddy can't play with us like other Daddy's do
He can't wipe away our tears or kiss skinned knees
He can't teach us to ride our bikes or tie our shoes
He'll never read us bedtime stories.

There will be times we'll sound like him or we'll give you his smile
In us you'll hear his laugh if you listen close
There are times we act like him when he was a child
Because we are part of him and he is part of us.

Someday Mommy and MawMaw will have to explain
Why Daddy went away before we got to know him
Why he wasn't here for all the important things
Why do other kids have daddies, why aren't we like them?

Our Daddy loved us very much and he still does
Nothing can ever change that, cause a daddy's love is here and beyond
Our daddy may not have been able to stay here with us
But he is with us, we have a special bond.

Written by Judi Walker
June 2000
In Memory of
Shane Hebert, Chris Tuttle and Travis Farrington
for their children

Krista and Kristen remembering Daddy on Father's Day
June 18, 2000

Here are Krista and Kristen sitting by Daddy's headstone

Krista and Kristen with flowers for Daddy

Sending balloons to Daddy
Waving to Daddy
Blowing kisses to Daddy

We love you Daddy!

Daddy's balloons on their way to Heaven

This is the card that was tied to Daddy's balloons.

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