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Bush Creates New Folklore in Yucatan

And if you think they were put down humanely - don't.

This page is in memory of the pets of Temozon Sur.

I don't think Americans have any idea of the answer
to "Why do they hate us?" The answer is obvious.
They hate us because we are a savage people, who
bring death and destruction with us wherever we go.
We cannot blame all of this on George Bush, even
though he and the creatures that surround him are
the worst our culture has ever produced. Some of the
blame must lie with each of us, as individuals, for
allowing this capacity for evil to exist in the soul
of our country in the first place.

The following will become part of the folklore of
Yucatan, and it is the kind of story that will never
die. Temozons will tell their descendants that their
ancestor was one of the children whose puppy was
killed because of George W. Bush.

It seems that the dogs of Temozon Sur, the tiny
Yucatec village where Bush met the President of
Mexico, were killed because they "barked at strangers"
- meaning the hordes of U.S. military pouring into the village.
[My note: I know that village. Those dogs belonged to little kids!]
[...but they killed the cats too... I don't understand.]

The President of the Association of the Rights of
Animals of the State of Yucatan said: An offering and
sacrifice was given to George W. Bush by the Mexicans:
The lives of a great number of animals to maintain his
calm and avoid his wrath, an offering of blood to win
us over to a man of questionable ethics and leader of
the most powerful country on Earth. If one says that
primitive man was uncivilized, what an incongruence to
speak of advances and evolution before this barbarism."

Go on... Ask me again why there are over 4 million expats.

Photo Credit: Por Esto! March 16, 2007