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Catahoula Curs & Labrador Retrievers

For CatDog, Leezard, Rocky, and Robo -

...and in memory of Parvo, Carmen, & Bitsy.

Catahoula Rescue Network

If you don't know what a Catahoula Cur is,
visit the Rescue Network first. Available dogs,
breed information,message board, e-mail list,
submit a rescue listing. The Breed Information
section has the best section on the web for
physical descriptions of Catahoula Curs (with
pictures of each). Includes warnings for
potential owners: When in doubt… don’t.

My all time favorite dogs online are:

Camp A-While's Bodacious

and a Catahoula Cur named Catfish

But... before you go out and get a Catahoula Cur,
PLEASE remember that Bodacious grew up
and can be seen on the right in the picture below.
Raised correctly, these animals can be the light
of your life. Raise one without understanding
the breed - you'll have a real problem on your
hands. A Catahoula Cur is not a toy.

Catahoula Ezine

A must see site if you either own a Catahoula Cur
or even suspect that you might want one.

Catahoula Web Ring

Some of the best Catahoula Cur sites, check them
all out for “puppy pictures,” as well as reputable
breeders and just plain spoiled rotten family
Catahoula Cur pages.

For Car-Wreck and Mary Louise

The dog in this picture is Streak's Bayou Whitney,
one of the most accomplished mountain curs I have
ever seen - and certainly one of the most beautiful -
hailing from Wilkinson's Hardwood Kennels
in Denham Springs, Louisiana.
Couldn't you tell this was a Louisiana mountain cur?

If you go out and get yourself a black-mouth cur,
You better have something for it to hunt because,
if you don't, its gonna hunt YOU -
I've got the scars to prove it - elbow to hand, both arms.
She wasn't being mean... she was "just playing"!!!
Bless her heart - she was so happy to be "hunting"!

Bent Pine Kennels is no longer online, however
Robert Kemmer pretty much hit the nail on the
head with the following:

When you take a pup from its mother, put it in
your pocket. Take it wherever you go. A year old
cur that has been treated in this manner would
give its life for you. You will have made an
unwavering best friend for life. These dogs are
people-oriented and have a strong need to
please their master.

PLEASE be careful. I wouldn't have any other
kind of dog, but a Catahoula Cur. However, having
ANY kind of cur is exactly the same as having
a loaded gun with no safety.
These dogs think and make decisions on their own!
You MUST understand the breed to safely have one!

In Memory of Mud Pie

Arnold Dickendall has passed away, but
he was, without a doubt, the most beautiful animal
I have ever seen.

Anything you need to know about Labrador
Retrievers, you can find from the Dickendall site.

Oh... and before you fall in love and rush out
to get a Lab for yourself... Please think twice
about the fact that Labs are pretty much puppies
for the first four years of their lives. They are
so cute at 5 pounds, but it doesn't take long to
find yourself with a 100 pound "happy puppy" on your hands.

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