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My First Grandchild

He's a Boy!

Finally Arrived: Dec. 3, 2001

Parents: Jonathan and Dana

Cousin Treasure

The Prayer of All Mothers:
May you have a dozen - just like you.

Granddaddy called Jonathan and Jason
Dobbin until they were born and we knew
who they really were. This graphic is
for Granddaddy and all of his g-g-grandbabies:

Of course, once Jonathan and Jason
got here, there was that little 4 year
"fracas" with Granddaddy over "Skip"
and "Hop" - but we'll just hold the
line with "Dobbin" and let these
babies keep their "real" names.

Someone just asked me about "Skip"
and "Hop"... so here's the story:

Skip Scott and Hop Scott

The rest of our babies can be found here:

The Shuford Family
Dick and Jacque Dykes Shuford

Jonathan and Amanda both live in Ascension
Parish - 4 hours from home. Before the advent
of interstate highways, Monroe was almost that
far from home too. I would give anything in
this world if Jonathan and Amanda could
experience just one of those Sunday morning
daylight telephone calls: "Ya know - if you put
those babies in the car right now - you could
be here by the time church lets out." Granddaddy
wanted those babies - and I brought them to him
- every single time. Four hours there
and four hours back -
Where in the World did I find the ENERGY???

Don't let this blue page fool you into
thinking I prefer grandsons over granddaughters.
made these great graphics and I just couldn't
resist them.

Of course, now that we know he is a boy,
I don't have to change the page.

The graphics that were not made by
Nancy can be found here:

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