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The Skip Scott and Hop Scott Story

Skip Scott and Hop Scott as instigated by Granddaddy By the way, I'll tell you about that bent lamp shade after the story of Skip & Hop. ...when I was a very young mom... Several of our friends and I all had birthdays in June, so we had one party at a different person's house every year - and it was a BIG party. On this particular occasion, the party was at our house on a Saturday night. The next day was my 25th birthday. I do NOT "drink" - Alcohol makes me sleepy. BUT - it was my 25th birthday and I had been cooking and cleaning all day. Needless to say, I never finished the second glass of whatever that was - and was asleep at my own party by 10:00 pm. At 6:00 am, the telephone rang. I knew it would be Granddaddy, so I headed for the kitchen to talk and make coffee. Lesson learned: Never go to sleep with more than 25 people having a party in your house. I couldn't believe my eyes! I answered the phone. Granddaddy did manage to say "Happy Birthday" - but he had more on his mind than my turning 25. "Well... looka here... when we gonna have Jump?" I said, "Sir? - what are you talking about?" He repeated it, "When we gonna have Jump?" I said, "I don't understand." He said, "Well - we got Skip and Hop - when we gonna have Jump?" I hit the roof screaming... It was 6:00 in the morning, my kitchen was a wreck, I had a 3 year old and a 2 MONTH old, and my Granddaddy had lost his MIND !!! I threw a fit - I was NOT going to have MY sons called Skip Scott and Hop Scott - and that was the END of it! ... - and if you believe THAT, I've got a little piece of property to sell you just south of Grand Isle - only got a "little" water on it. From that point forward, all of my sons' mail, including National Geographic, came addressed to Skip Scott and Hop Scott. Their Christmas presents had Skip and Hop on them. The envelopes hanging on the Christmas tree had Skip Scott and Hop Scott on them. It was a nightmare. Of course, HE thought it was simply hilarious. I was not "amused." Grandmother would say, "I just want you to know - it wasn't ME that did that... It was your GRANdaddy MADE me write that." if she couldn't have told him "NO"... I can just hear her... "Now, Tom..." and going right on doing whatever he wanted her to do. The more fits I threw, the better he liked it. Thirty years later, I wouldn't trade that "war" for anything in this world. He won and I'm glad. ...but I did "get my way" after he passed away. Skip Scott and Hop Scott was just a little too much to hang on the boys for the rest of their lives. Now - about that lamp shade... Christmas started at Thanksgiving at our house. The ceilings are very high and we always had a big tree in the corner behind Grandmother. One year, Jacque and I got the bright idea that we would string a garland (popcorn?) around the top of the room - and we commenced to climb. Lord - what a mess. I remember a ladder, but I think we were climbing on the furniture too. Well... we fell - and the tree fell - nobody got hurt and the tree was fine, but the lamp shade was bent - and it stayed that way for the rest of Granddaddy's life. You have to remember, this is the same man who "saved" my footprints in the dirt in the back yard when I was in Alexandria. And this is the same man who "saved" a wet vanilla wafer handprint of Jonathan's on the living room mirror from the time Jonathan put it there as an infant until Granddaddy died when Jonathan was 4 1/2 years old. So - saving a lamp shade that Jacque and I bent for 20 years really didn't seem to be out of the ordinary at our house.

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