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Hello God - This is Me.....




Hello, God??? This is me. I just called to see how ya doing since Iíve been gone. My Grandmother said itís been about three months now and I should give you a call and thank you for all the cool stuff I got when I came to Louisiana. Öand Grandmother said to tell you sheís sorry it took her a whole month to put this online. Sheís been in the hospital a lot Ė but sheís getting better now. I knew everything was going to be fine as soon as I got home from the hospital. I got a pretty mother and a handsome daddy. Everybody says theyíre both really smart, and that they got it from me. I don't know what smart is - but I think it's a good thing. HEY - check out my dog! I got a bigger dog than anybody else in the whole wide world. Did you know I was coming to an LSU house? When I was 5 days old, LSU won itís SEC play-off game. This is me that night in my really cool LSU outfit. I thought you told me I was coming to live in the sub-tropics. I think you got confusedÖ I wasnít here even a month and just LOOK at this !!! Check out my house! Itís way up off the ground because the bayou that runs through our back yard floods for a few weeks every year. But, thatís ok, because I got a boat TOOÖ Dadís mom is writing this for me, and this is Momís mom holding me In front of my house. My parents bought me one of those beds thatís supposed to last me until I get to college. If I grew this much in 2 and a half months, do you really think this bed is going to fit me for that long? Now, donít get me wrong, Everything is not always peaches and cream. But I get over it quick.. This was me at 2 months 13 days. And this is me at 2 months 18 days. Iíve learned two words: cute and flirt Boy! You wouldnít believe how great they work! Iíve been here about 3 months now and things seem to be going great. Iím a Louisiana boy from the Amite Swamp. Iíve got me a big fine chair in a big fine room, and Iím a pretty cool dude. Well Ė thatís about it. I just thought Iíd give you a call and catch you up on what Iíve been doing. Iíll call you again sometime and let you know how things are going.

Bye For Now.






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