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Khaki Scott

Well, look who's here.
Please do come in.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit

This index will lead you to some of my
favorite pages and links. Please do sit down...
Have a cup of coffee... The pages are pretty
and the music is fine. Relax and take your time.

This page is (and will continue to be)
under construction, so do check back often.

My Family

These are old pages. The childen have grown -
and there are more of them!

My Children and Grandchildren.

Please do come in and meet
My Ancestors.

Of course, you must learn about
Catahoula Curs & Labrador Retrievers

Warning: Picture of Dead Pets
George Bush
Creates New Folklore in Yucatan


My roots are in both North and South
Louisiana. So you will see two completely
different cultures on the following pages.

Southern Living in Northwest Louisiana

River Life on the Amite

Events: Yucatan Social and Cultural Calendar

Check out This Week in Merida at Yucatan Living!

What would a website be without a few
Favorite Poems?

Please enjoy visiting my favorite
Far Away Places.

Everybody has to work a little. This is
What I Do For A Living.

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