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John Hamp Hardee

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The family of John Hamp Hardee and
Frances Susan Brown welcomes you to our
home on the web. We are pleased to present
pictures and documentation of the life
and times of our family.

If you are descended from John Hamp
Hardee and Frances Susan Brown and are
not included in these pages, please do
get in touch with us. We would also love
to have any pictures you would like
included in the site.

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You are also invited to visit
Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church.
Our grandchildren are the sixth generation
of our family to attend this church.

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John Hamp Hardee

Grandson of John Ziba Hardee and Peggy Mitchell

Son of Joel Hardee and Isabella Coker

Husband of Frances Susan Brown

Son-in-law of William Wiley Brown and Phoebe Caroline Gray

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John Hamp Hardee was born June 16,
1846, in Alabama. He was the son of Joel
Hardee and Isabella Coker. John Hamp
Hardee married Frances Susan Brown on
Sept 27, 1869, in Monroe County Alabama.
Frances Susan Brown was born March 28,
1852, in Monroe County Alabama. She was
the daughter of William Wiley Brown and
Phoebe Caroline Gray. John Hamp Hardee
and Frances Susan Brown became the parents
of twelve children, ten of whom lived to
adulthood. John Hamp Hardee died December
26, 1938, in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana.
Frances Susan Brown Hardee died November 1,
1918, in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. Both
are buried in Pleasant Hill.

This was our family in 1929.

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We are pleased to introduce you to
our grandparents - the children of
John Hamp Hardee and Frances Susan Brown.

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Robert and James Hardee

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Thomas Walter Hardee, Sr.

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Emma Lee Hardee Barr

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Virginia “Jennie” Hardee Walker

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Emmett Hanson Hardee

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L. Lou Hardee Rembert

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Conrad Cooper Hardee

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Mary Eula Hardee Moore

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Blanche Hardee Knott

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Clara Hardee Thomas
in 1917

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Nina Estelle Hardee Dykes

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Webmaster: Carol Ann Dykes Scott
g-granddaughter of John Hamp Hardee and Frances Susan Brown
granddaughter of Nina Estelle Hardee and Thomas Lee Dykes, Sr.
daughter of Thomas L. “Buddy” Dykes, Jr. and Gladys Lorette Laborde

If you are a Hardee, you are at risk for
coronary disease and diabetes.
Please see your physician often.

Last Updated: May 7, 2002