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William Shepherd Foster II Notes

My resources for William Shepherd Foster II, son of William Sheppard Foster and Martha Smith, are rather limited. It appears that William left his home in Craven County, after marriage to Phebe (possible Truitt), and went to Wilkes County, GA. Here are the ONLY records I have found for William and Phebe:

Lynda Hassell's research on her ancestor, Kimmie Foster, has shown that William and Phebe attended Phillips Mill Baptist Church in Wilkes Co. GA:

1 Aug 1785 - attendance roll includes Pheby Foster and William Foster

11 Apr 1786 - Received by experience, Pheby Foster (she accepted salvation)

11 May 1787 - Received by experience, William Foster

12 June 1790 - Received by experience, Foster's Esther (William's slave Esther)

10 Aug 1792 - Dismissed by letter, William Foster and Phebe, his wife

Wilkes County, Georgia Deed Books A-VV 1784 - 1806; by Michal Martin Farmer:

pg. 59 (Book CC pg. 108) - 7 Oct 1786 ... WILLIAM & PHEBE FOSTER sell land to Joel Terrell, 200 acres for 50 lbs.

pg. 89 (Book DD pg. 168) - 9 Apr 1788 ... WILLIAM & PHEBE FOSTER sell land to Absalom Biddle, 275 acres for 50 lbs. (part of 550 acres granted to Foster 20 Jan 1784)

pg. 154 (Book GG pg. 215) - WILLIAM & PHEBE FOSTER sell land to Nathan Smith, 200 acres on Beaverdam Creek of Little River for 50 lbs (granted to Foster 12 Jan 1788 - where Foster then lived); Witnesses: WILLIAM TRUITT FOSTER and E. Butler, JP

pg. 390 (Book MM pg. 292) - 24 Jan 1786 ... WILLIAM & PHEBE FOSTER sell land to Thomas Chivers, part of tract adjacent to the west by Beaverdam Creek, east and south by a large branch and Edward Black, north by a vacant lot at time of survey, all on north side of said Beaverdam Creek & branch mentioned, within lines of the tract granted to Foster 20 Jan 1784

NOTE: It is important to point out that when doing research on this Foster family, the name WILLIAM SHEPHERD FOSTER is fairly common nearing the end of the 18th century and early 19th century. There were other Fosters in Wilkes County, GA, namely this William's brother Kimmie. Kimmie had a son, also named WILLIAM SHEPHERD FOSTER, who was involved in several transactions at the same time this William was buying and selling land. The easiest way to decipher between the two is the fact that most, but not all, transactions also list a wife. In this William's case, all above transactions also mention his wife, Phebe. The nephew William Shepherd Foster was married to a Susannah. Therefore, it is important to be cautious when dealing with all these William Shepherd Fosters.

We have only been able to draw conclusions as to at least two children of William and Phebe Foster. One child, possibly the oldest, was Sarah Foster who married Nathan Smith.

Another child was William Truitt Foster, born ca 1772. We show that William and son were in Hancock County, GA by 1800:

Deed written 25 Apr 1800 Hancock Co. Ga., William Foster gives land on Dread's Creek to his son Truitt Foster for "love and good will and beloved son Truit Foster." The deed was recorded 19 Feb. 1801.

As seen here, William Truitt ended up in Hancock Co. GA where he died, leaving a will naming the following children:

1. Elizabeth Foster
2. David Foster (may have married in Putnam Co. GA to Eliza Kendrick on 12 May 1825)
3. Allen Foster (married 27 Oct 1825 Hancock Co. to Adaline Frazier) ~ was in Bibb Co. GA by 1840, Adaline is listed as a widow in 1850 and has one child living with her - William Foster (born 1837)
4. William Foster (may be the one who married in Putnam Co. to Lucyndis Hays on 5 Aug 1819)
5. James Foster
6. Nancy Foster
7. Willis Foster (more than likely the Willis Foster who married in Putnam Co. to Mary Ann Castleberry on 15 Apr 1830)

My speculation has it that other possible children of William and Phebe are Levi Foster, John Foster, and a Polly Foster.