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Belize's Monkey House Resort

Belize's Monkey House Resort

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Belize was hit on October 8, 2001, by
Hurricane Iris, a Category 4 Hurricane which
caused extensive damage in the southern part
of Belize. The Monkey River area was especially
hard hit. Martha was visiting family and friends
in Texas, and Sam was at the resort when Iris
screamed through Monkey River. Sam barely
survived the 20' waves and 145 mph winds, but
Monkey House Resort was totally destroyed. Sadly,
Sugar, their wonderful old Rottie, did not
survive - but her puppies, Precious and Sweetie,
made it through.

This shocking picture is what was left of
Belize's Monkey House Resort

The picture above is actually 3 photos put
side by side to show what was left of the Monkey
House when Iris finished with her.

The following pictures are of The Monkey House,
as it was before Hurricane Iris.

Sam and Martha are rebuilding. They may
not reopen the Monkey House - but I do have
some pictures of the new house they are
building for themselves. I will put those
on another page so that their friends can
see that they are well.

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