A Lesson from My Tent

by: Joe Talhelm

Jim and I had a tent. Jim is my brother. We loved our tent. They called it a pup tent because it was small. To us it was our home away from home. We would put it up very carefully, making sure the side with the screen door faced where ever the wind was coming from, to keep us cool. If on an incline, we would put our the back of the tent toward the high end, so our heads would be up and not down. We had just four stakes, one for each corner and two posts, one for each end. It didn't take long to put it up and we spent many of hours in it. There wasn't much room, but it didn't matter. Dad and Mom would let us sleep in out tent from time to time and we thought that was really an awesome privilege. We would have our flashlights, food, blankets, pillows and would settle in for a night of 'roughing it' in our back yard.

I will never forget the night it rained. We had put our tent toward the back of our yard, where all the rain flows. It didn't take too long to realize this was a bad place to be! First one stake pulled up, then the next, then the next, and then the last. Finally the posts came falling down. There we laid. Who was to be the first to abandon the tent? It didn't matter, we both stormed out of the tent and ran to the house, soaking wet. What a night! The next morning we check out the tent and all was okay.

Storms often come and destroy our plans. Someone gets sick and we have to change our plans. An accident on the way to a night out ruins the whole day. A death in the family shakes our whole belief system. We are being the perfect host or hostess and spill hot coffee on one of our guests. All our financial plans are set then our child has a major surgery that the insurance isn't willing to pay for. Storms. Sometimes they come so quick we don't know what to do. Sometimes these storms of life will pull up all our stakes and pull down our posts and all we have left is a crumpled tent. It is then we have to make a choice. Do we just lay there in the crumpled tent or do we get up and run to our Father. Our Heavenly Father.

It was warm, dry and safe in our parents house than night. We slept like babies in our own beds that stormy evening. Dad & mom were there - we had nothing to worry about.

It is safe at our Father's side. We have nothing to worry about.