Stability in the Home

by: Joe Talhelm

I am writing this devotional right in the middle of Mother's Day & Father's Day and I have been thinking about my Mom & Dad lately. They provided everything we needed to make it in life. Although we did not get everything we wanted, we got everything we needed. We had plenty of food, clothing, shelter and love. We were not spoiled but were well taken care of. There were four of us kids and our parents made the dollars and cents stretch - I am not sure how, but they did. To sum it up, we did not hurt for much as we grew up.

There was one item that we had in our home that many homes today are missing. Stability. Dad was always employed and brought in enough money to support his family. I am sure there were times he wished he could have brought in more, but it was enough. Mom was always available to her kids. If she worked outside the home, she was at home when we got there from school. In the summers she was always there. Dad always came home directly from work. Never once did he stop in and 'have a round with the boys'. Never once did mom wonder where he was. If he was going to be late we knew it way in advance. And mom? Mom always had the home under control. Clothes were always clean, pressed or folded. Meals were always prepared with love and even though we may not have liked what was being served (like beets or spinach) it was always good for us and enough to feed her family.

Stability. What a valuable item in the home. We could always count on Dad & Mom. They were always there to support and to love. Yes, we did have rules (thank God!) to follow (like curfews, chores, etc.) and there were punishments for not following the rules of the home. Do I regret the corrections I got? Not on your life. Learning to adhere to authority as a child taught me to bow down to God's authority, as a 19 year old, later. I thank God for my Dad and Mom. I thank God for the stability they provided in our home and in our lives. I want to give my kids the same gift of stability. They may gripe now, but I am sure they will thank me later, as an adult.