by: Joe Talhelm

See if you remember any of these slogans: "It's the Real Thing"; "Where's the beef?"; "Have it your way"; "They're GREAT!"; "Tap the Rockies"; "I love what you do for me!". Recognize these? I am sure you do. You probably can think of dozens more. These slogans are what get you to remember the products they are associated with. When we hear these little ditties we immediately should think of their product and that is why companies will pay literally millions to advertising agencies. If a little tune can ring over and over in our minds, maybe we will buy their products. In the end, if things go the way they should, the advertising pays for itself in the revenue raised by the purchases of the consumer who is humming the little tune or thinking of their product slogan.

I would like to add another little 'slogan' if you don't mind. It is a small verse of Scripture that speaks volumes. "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever." Most Christians know this little verse. Just the thought of the words can move a person to action. If you think about how powerful this verse is - Jesus Christ, the never changing, always constant friend of mankind. Jesus Christ, the non-fluctuating force in your life. Jesus Christ - always has and always will be. Jesus Christ, the beginning and the end. While there are changes going on daily and though you really can't seem to count on anything to remain the same in this world, there is comfort in knowing that Jesus Christ is your solid ground in which you can stand upon. His promises are still good for the modern man today. His teachings are still solid even after 2000 years. His love for people has never faltered or failed. He can still be counted upon as the true friend that sticks closer than a brother. Some call Him Savior, some call Him King, some call Him Lord, but He really should be called 'Constant Friend'.

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. It's not a slogan, it is the truth.