The Shower

by: Joe Talhelm

As a kid I flat hated to take a shower or bath - I had other 'more important' things to do. I would rather play in the sandbox, or play ball or play anything rather than take a bath! Baths were for girls! Baths were for sissies. No sir, I did not want a bath or shower - just let me be.

Fortunately, my mother had other thoughts. She knew that I needed a bath - every day! We played hard, brother, and boy did we smell when we got in each night. Mom knew that she would hear the same old excuses and complaints, but she kept on filling the tub. She knew we would gripe and complain but the wash rag and towels were still being taken out. She knew that we would rather do house chores than take that nightly bath, but the soap and water awaited us anyway. Mean ol' mom.

Mom's have a way of knowing what is good for us, don't they? They know when to overlook the griping and complaining and the whining and crying. They just keep the focus and get their kids clean or well or smiling again!

God is like that. He knows what is good for us and even though we procrastinate, ignore or otherwise just push aside His commandments, they are still there. We may try and forget them, override them or even try and break them all - they still are there and they are still good for us. He has given us only 10 commandments to follow, but to hear us talk about them, you would think it is the one hundred commandments! Whether we like them or not, there they are - still waiting for us to obey them - we don't like them because they are good for us. Like medicine, we try and avoid it but it is there for our good.

I just got out of the shower moments ago and remembered how many times I tried to avoid this refreshing wonder of the world - and now I take showers because I like them - go figure! I guess mom did know what was best for her boy - and so does God.

Oh, yeah, I do smell better too!