The Case for Shaving

by: Joe Talhelm

I hate to shave. I really do. I have been shaving for over years or so and have never liked it. The more I shave, the more I hate it. Shaving is one of those unnecessary evils that people have to go through. Of course, I could just let my beard grow, but I hate beards, too! Beards on me, that is. I am just not the beard kind of man. So I have decided that growing a beard is just a notch worse than shaving. So I shave. Like I said, it is one of those things you just have to do. So it is with serving. We all have to serve someone. We all have to be under someone's supervision. We may hate it and try to flee from it, but we all must serve someone. Even the self employed has to serve someone. Especially if you offer a service to the public. We all have to be subject to someone even if it means someone we despise.

So where am I leading? Glad you asked. We all have to serve God or we have to serve the devil. No in-betweens. No playing the fence. No flipping from one side to the next. It is one or the other. Even the Bible tells us that we can not serve two masters. Either we will love the first and hate the second, or we will love the second and hate the first. We just can't do both. Some of the biggest difficulties in life come from this same issue - who are we going to serve? Who are we going to give our allegiance to? Who will we allow to be our boss.

When we serve God it is no grind at all! Unlike serving His enemy, I have found that the longer I serve God, the more I enjoy it. There is a song that goes something like this "The longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows." The longer I serve God the easier service becomes. The more I serve Him, the more I want to serve Him. And guess what? There are thousands, maybe millions others who have found the same thing I have found - that serving God is the greatest privilege an individual could ever possibly have. On the other hand, I could not serve Him and find a life of misery and disgust. Well, I have made my decision on who I am going to serve. How about you?