Lessons From the Sandbox

by: Joe Talhelm

Some of the greatest lessons I learned about life were learned in the sandbox in our backyard. We had an old Chinese Elm tree in our backyard and my Dad built the neighborhood's largest sandbox around that old tree. He built it big enough so that all the neighborhood kids could play with us with plenty of room to spare. (He also knew that if we had the largest sandbox, Mom would always know where we would be!) That sandbox had many loads of sand dumped into it for the many hours of play and imagination that was to go on there. We had plastic army men, cowboys and Indians to use our imaginations on. We had plastic trucks, cars and horses for those brave military men and Indians to use.

Hours and hours were spent in the sandbox with the neighborhood kids, and many lessons of life were learned while playing with these friends.

I am sure there were many other lessons learned from the sandbox in the backyard of our house in Speedway, Indiana. Who would have thought that those hours spent playing with my buddies in the sand would yield so many lessons that many adults seem to have never learned? Who would have ever believed that pure Gospel truths could be shared unknowingly by a bunch of children playing? No wonder Jesus once told His hearers "Suffer the little children to come unto me, ... for such is the kingdom of heaven." So when I see sand or a sandbox, you can be sure that I remember the lessons of life I learned just playing with the kids!