No Problem!

by: Joe Talhelm

I met a man in Belize, Central America, named Lenox. Lenox has 11 kids, 40+ grand kids and six great-grand kids. Lenox is over sixty years old and loving & living life to it's fullest. Lenox is a Christian. I worked with him for about 10 days while in Belize and everyday his favorite words were 'No Problem'. He said 'No Problem' when there WERE problems at the job site. He said it when there were problems with getting materials, working with a particularly tough project and anytime that I would have been complaining about something I didn't like.

Before I go any farther, I must tell you about life in Belize. The average yearly income is less than most Americans make in two months. The cost of living is much higher than here as well. For instance, a small ham was $90 and a can of paint was $45. A typical bag of chips was over four dollars. Most people use bicycles for their mode of transportation or they just walk. If they drive a car, most of them are old cars with many miles on them. So, now you can get a small idea of where Lenox lives.

No problem. Two awesome words. Awesome for a man with all kinds of problems around him, and yet he says 'No Problem'. How can we live a 'no problem' kind of life? I have been thinking on this riddle since I got back from Belize and here is just a few thoughts on how Lenox can say 'no problem' when there are problems all around him.

A 'No Problem' lifestyle is one that is based on a solid belief in God's Son. Not just a belief in Him, but a belief that He truly is God's Son and that He really does care for us. A 'No Problem' lifestyle is one that is based on eternal things. Things that really count. You see, because Lennox did not have much of this worlds goods, he was able to lean on the things to come rather than the things that are today. He did not have anything to keep him back from heaven. A 'No Problem' lifestyle is one that is based on future security. He knew that all was well with his soul and that God has all things under control, even when the world is out of control! A 'No Problem' lifestyle is one that is based on confidence in the Maker of the world. If He can make the world, then He can take care of Lennox' little world.

I am trying to learn the 'No Problem' lifestyle. It sure beats worrying and fretting about little trivial things, don't you think?