by: Joe Talhelm

Layoffs. Here in southern Louisiana, the word layoff is fast becoming a common word. It conjures up a whole host of feelings, such as frustration, loss, failure, emptiness and anger. We have had many clothing plants, etc. close up shop this past year and this means families are disrupted, uprooted and filled with disappointment. For some families layoff means moving to where a job can be had. For others, layoff means living off of unemployment until another job is secured. And for some, layoff means training for some other field of work.

Either way, layoff means disruption. Husbands and wives become irritable at each other, kids are frustrated at the tension they feel in the home and even the family pet knows something is up!

Throughout the Gospels are stories of tragedy, strain and anxiety. Just when it seemed that there was nothing or no one to help, Jesus entered the scene. Just when all else was disaster, here comes Jesus. This was His specialty. This was His passion. Jesus loved taking problems and making something good of them. Sometimes, it was one word from His mouth. Other times, it was a touch from His hand. And at other times, a home in despair became a joyous home. All in a moment, with just one act, Jesus changed the awful into the awesome. He still does it today.

Maybe you haven't been hit by the word layoff, yet. Maybe you have other disasters you are dealing with. Job, money, marriage, relationships, health, age, or even car problems - they all cause frustrations and shake our faith as well as our daily life. Can I suggest a simple solution? Try not carrying your problems by yourself. Sometimes those loads are too much for one person to carry. The helping Jesus of the New Testament tragedies is the same caring Jesus today. He still specializes in solutions and problem solving. All you need to do is aks Him. He is standing by and is ready to be your friend - why not trust Him today?