Good Things & The News

by: Joe Talhelm

Headlines recently included a manhunt for a serial killer, a hurricane/tropical storm/storm and tropical storm again, traffic deaths, charred body remains, law suits and more gloomy news items. If we judged life on today's news only, one would think that life is just not worth living. But beneath all the gloom and doom are some light streaks that make life a little more bearable. Babies being born, children gleefully splashing water in a pool, two lovebirds walking in a park hand in hand, flowers being delivered to a secretary, and a senior citizen walking through a door being held open by a teenager. Did these things actually happen today? Don't look in the paper for it. Was there really happiness in my neighborhood today? It won't be found on the news tonight. Believe it or not, there is still good things going on everywhere, but they are not going to be heralded from the news wires. Some guys are still opening doors for girls, some kids still have good manners, some husbands still come straight home from work to their family, some bosses still give praise to their good workers, some ministers still can be counted on as the 'man of God', some politicians are doing what they can for the people, and there are still some conscientious and hard working students out there making the grades.

Yes, there is more good going on in your neighborhood and community than what you and I know. The way to see these daily good things going on is to quit looking at and listening to the prophets of doom. I know they are in huge numbers out there, but have you ever seen a monument erected in honor of the man of misery? Monuments are erected for the people of honor - the people who are movers and shakers and to the people who do great things for humanity. It is easy to see the good in humanity IF we look for it. Just today a mother made pile of dirty clothes turn into drawers full of clean and folded apparel ready for the next wearing. Today, another couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Just today another hard working employee made money for her company. Just today another individual made a difference for their school. And just today someone picked up the neighbors trash that some old dog tore up during the night. Did you see it? Are you looking for it? Did you catch it? Good things are still happening and you saw them, didn't you? You did see them, didn't you?