Got a Giant in your Life?

by: Joe Talhelm

David was a good person. Everyone liked David, it seemed. He had many friends and lots of people who followed him. David loved the Lord. He wasn't afraid to let others see how much he loved God and His Word. David had a mighty faith in his God and everyone looked up to him. It seemed that he had everything going for him.

David was fearless against any wolves, bears or any ferocious animal. He had killed many of these wild beasts while tending his sheep. You see, David was a shepherd.

David wasn't afraid of anything, it seemed. One day his people, the Israelites, were in battle against the Philistines and the battle was at a standstill. A huge giant in the Philistines army was boasting of his strength and cursing the Israelites and their God. He challenged anyone to fight him and the winner would determine whose army would win the battle. David was there one day as the giant, Goliath, was cursing, taunting and making fun of God's people. With many victories already under his belt against wild animals, David considered that this giant was just another wild animal who was threatening God's sheep, the Israelites. Size meant nothing. His God was greater than any ol' troubling giant.

A familiar story, but forgotten when GIANT problems attack us. Giant, overwhelming problems do attack us from time to time. And many times we act like the Israelites and whine and cry and wonder why, instead of getting right in there and doing something about the giant that is taunting us. You see, David believed that with God on his side, who could defeat him? And he won.

Okay, so what's your giant? Is it too big for the God you serve? Or can you and God whip it? If the truth were known, God is probably working to help you overcome the giant right now. He is probably waiting for you to join forces with Him to go to battle against your giant. So, get ready to go out and slay your giant? You will be glad you did.