by: Joe Talhelm

A few years ago, my daughter caught about five or six little frogs and put them in a 'Tupperware' container. She kept them in the house, without our knowledge, in her room. It wasn't too long after she caught them that they died due to malnutrition and dehydration. She decided to check on them and opened the lid and quickly shut it again - whew! What a smell! She thought that she had shut the lid quick enough so as not to let us know they were there. The smell was strong enough that my wife caught a whiff of it in the hallway. The secret was out (and so was the smell!). After a quick dumping of the froggies and a swift cleaning with bleach, all was well again.

The Bible tells us that we can 'be sure your sins will find you out.' We can not hide from God, neither can we hide our sins from Him. He wants us to be honest with Him as well as with others. So the next time you think you must hide something from someone or from God, remember the froggies!