By: Joe Talhelm

I went to my office one morning, as usual and as I entered the foyer of the building I heard what sounded like a person shuffling around in one of our classrooms. I froze. I just stood very still and listened. It was a person, no doubt about it. He or she was looking through some papers and my mind was racing! Who in the world could it be? I did not want to move, and yet, I wanted to know who it was and why they were there in our building. After a few moments of fright I spoke up and asked who was in there. No answer. Just a shuffling of paper. It was time to look in and see who it was and what they were doing. Carefully I looked into the classroom and there he was (or was it a she). A bird was on the window sill, outside trying to fly into the building through the shut window! Go ahead, laugh. I did!

It just goes to show you that some things that we fear just aren't as they appear to be. Sometimes fear is spelled out this way:

F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal. False evidence appearing real. What are you fearing today? What is it that is keeping you from being the best that you can be? What you are fearing may not necessarily be as bad as it seems. Trust the Lord in each of your fears and He will help you through them. You will probably have to step back and laugh at the thing you are fearing, too!