by: Joe Talhelm

My dad is a great cook! He can make anything he wants to. One of my favorite dishes that dad cooked up while we were growing up was his stew with drop dumplings in it. Actually, I liked the dumplings better than the stew! I always loved those dumplings and always ate my share and more of them. I had been many years since I had drop dumplings when a while back, my wife made some in chicken broth. That dinner brought back many memories of home. My wife taught my daughter how to make those yummy dumplings and now she makes them for ol' dad!

One day my wife called me at the office to let me know that supper was about finished and that my daughter was making those famous dumplings. I asked my wife to ask my daughter to put one extra dumpling in for me. I got home and my daughter had made a double batch just for her dad! They were great all the way to the last drop!

God works in the same fashion. Usually when we ask Him for an answer to a prayer of ours, He usually will give a double batch in His answer. His blessings are there just for the asking, but we have to ask! God's grace is just a prayer away and a double batch of love, help, grace, etc. is just an answer away. If you are praying for something or someone, just remember those dumplings and believe that God has a double batch of answers just waiting for you. He truly wants the best for you, because he loves and cares for you.