by: Joe Talhelm

It was summer. I was young. We were playing baseball in an open field. That's all I can remember. After the game a buddy and I wandered off into a cornfield. Now, you have to understand that the cornfields in Indiana are much like the cane fields down here. The fields are big and so are the plants. It was a hot day and my buddy and I were wondering through this corn field and lost all sense of direction. We were only about 4 feet tall give or take a few inches, and the corn stalks at that time of the year were about 6 feet or taller. At our height they seemed about 15 feet tall! "Now don't panic" we both told each other, "we can find our way out, no problem." To this day I can not tell you how long we wondered in the cornfield, but it was a long, hot time of wandering, I can tell you that. We walked and walked and walked, just looking for a fence, on opening, anything to give us direction to get out of that field. We were literally blinded by the cornstalks. Finally, after what seemed to be a whole day, we found a farm fence and followed it to a road that we recognized and were back home in no time.

According to the Bible, we are all like sheep who are going astray, wandering around looking for a way out of our lousy lifestyle. Some of us are blinded by the cornstalks of life and wander for years and never find our way out. Some wander and toward the end of their lives find Christ and find what life is really about. Others, don't wander too long and are able to enjoy the life of a Christian for much of their time here on the earth. I guess it is how hard you look that determines how soon you find your way out of the cornfields of life. It is also realizing that you are lost that helps in the process of finding your way out of this 'rat race' called life. Do you have cornstalks blinding you? Are you wandering around, lost?

Life can be great! Life can be enjoyable. Once you get out of the cornfield, your wandering will be over. You will have direction. You will have meaning. Your life will be more to your liking and will be useable for God. So, let the Lord guide you out of your cornfield of wandering. Begin seeing an exciting life with the Lord! You will be glad you did.