Join the Club!

By Joe Talhelm

Imagine it's next Monday. You have just arrived at work and your boss meets you at your desk or work area. He or she smiles and begins the conversation something like this, "Good morning, John (or whatever your name is). I would like to have a word with you about your performance here at this fine company." Already your guard is up and you are ready for the worst (because bosses usually don't have anything nice to say). Your boss continues, "I have been watching you and have noticed that you are always on time, usually a little early every single day. You are always dressed nicely and you treat all your fellow workers in a nice manner. You never take the full lunch hour and your work is always done efficiently and on time. I want you to know that you are one of the finest individuals in our company, an asset in fact, and I am aware of your good work. Thank you for what you are doing and keep it up!"

Now, seriously, if this little scenario did happen next Monday, do you think that the rest of that day would be a little better than usual? How about a whole lot more nicer than usual? Of course it would be better! Your day would move so much smoother and easier because your boss said that you were one of the finest individuals in his company (and your boss is one smart cookie!!). Any problem that came up on that Monday would be a breeze to take care of, because your boss has confidence in you and you can do it! Nothing will keep you from working hard today - absolutely nothing! Why, you are an asset to the company and the boss is aware of that!

Isn't it amazing what a few compliments can do for our morale? In just a few moments one individual can change our whole day by just a few little words, spoken in true sincerity, in the form of a compliment. Even one compliment can motivate us to do more than we routinely do. It can usually lift our spirits for the whole day and even change the way we view ourselves for the rest of that week.

The Bible says, in Proverbs 25:11, that "A word fitly (nicely) spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." In other words, saying nice things to people is like giving them a precious gift.

What is so exciting about this compliment thing is that it works both ways. We all enjoy a compliment, don't we? We all like to hear good things spoken about our work or our appearance. Since we all like to hear good things said about ourselves, the same is true for others! In other words, you can brighten someone's day or week with just one little compliment. You have a tremendous power lurking inside of you, to lift somebody's day - today! You can be instrumental in making it a great day for someone else.

What would happen if everyone reading this article, would form a club and call it the "Compliment Club" and make it a rule to always give out one compliment a day, each day of the year? Wouldn't some marriages be better if there were more compliments given, instead of complaints? How many children would be better off if they heard more compliments from their parents and less condemnation? How many places of business would operate more smoothly if those in authority would pass out compliments instead of complaints. If everyone would look for the good in other individuals instead of the bad, and compliment the good, just what do you think would happen?

Well? What would happen? We could find out. Today. Let's give out a compliment and see. Let's see if we don't change our little world around us. People will respond and in doing so we will be lifted up in the process. It is a magical thing that can't be explained. When a compliment is given in sincerity it is received with amazing results. Companies, schools, homes and communities can all be changed by just a few words 'fitly spoken'. Go ahead! Tell someone what you like about them. Brag on them. Ignite their day. Give them a compliment! They will be glad you did and so will you. So, join the club. The compliment club.