by: Joe Talhelm

My brother and I loved the woods behind our house. Very heavy in trees and underbrush, this particular woods had many trees that were just calling out for two young guys to build a tree house in. We trekked out there with lumber and tools in hand and just knew we would have the best looking tree house ever. We spent the whole summer day out there in those woods, working like little carpenters until the finished product appeared. Our tree house was finished. It wasn't fancy and certainly not huge, but it was what we called "second home". We were tired, sweaty and happy that we had accomplished our task for the day. We talked about going back out there the next day with all kinds of plans for the future. Dreams of boyhood.

That evening I was itching something fierce. All over. I had little bumps from my feet to my head and I scratched everyone until I was tired of scratching. My mom looked at me and by looking at her wide opened eyes, I could tell I was a mess. She covered my whole body with some smelly, cold, pink liquid until all my skin, except where my gym shorts had been, was pink! According to the doctor, the next morning, I had the worse case of chiggers he had ever seen. He gave mom directions to keep putting on the pink stuff until all the bumps started to scab over and disappear. That took a few days although is seemed like a couple of weeks. But in time all was well again.

A similar condition is found in all of us. It is sin and the effects of sin. It begins as just a little problem, but soon balloons into a larger and tougher problem. We look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that we are a mess and need help. Enter Doctor Jesus. His remedy for our sins is the blood He shed for us on the cross. It covers our sins until the sins are gone for good. It may sound simple and may sound too easy, but don't try to understand it, just go to Him and ask Him to forgive you of your sins and He will cover all those sins and there will be a healing from those sins that will seem miraculous to us, but is a simple process to Him.

Chiggers? Haven't had to cover any in a long time. Sins? They too can be covered and taken care of. Is this what you need? Just ask Him and He will take care of you.