The Apartment

By: Joe Talhelm

I was twenty-one when I moved out of my parents home. I moved into an upstairs of a house that was at least 75 years old. It was furnished and the utilities were included in the rent of $125/month. Not bad, huh? Mom came over with her cleaning supplies, paper for the drawers & cabinets and got her son set up. She brought pots, pans, plates, cups, glasses, eating and cooking utensils and made 'my place' the perfect home. Everything I needed mom took care of that day! I loved my new 'home'. This place was perfect! No problems with this place. I was in 'heaven'.

Time passed.

This perfect place wasn't as perfect as I thought. The longer I lived there, the more problems I began to see. The heat was controlled by the 'cold natured' lady downstairs. There was no air conditioning. The walls were beginning to crack. The bed was to squeaky. There was no shower, just a bath and on and on and on. No longer did I look at the good things of this place, now all I saw was problems.

Marriage is like that. Everything is perfect at first. All bliss, no blisters! Everything is great, nothing is wrong. Life is grand! But time passes. Soon we only see the wrinkles. It is the grey hair we notice, if there is any hair at all! The lumps, bulges, and sags of our mates body is the only thing we see, now. We are irritated by the same habits that we used to think were cute. We find imperfections every day and wonder why we married that person after all. All we see are problems.

I miss that old house where rent was only $125. It wasn't that bad after all. How many people, today, have forgotten to look at the good things of people and have majored on the bad things and look back and think. 'You know, that person wasn't so bad after all.' But it is too late.

Let Christ help you with your eyesight. Let Him help you to begin seeing the good in your mate or job or home, or anything that has got you down. Let Him change your viewpoint of life to one that is exciting and fresh and new again! He says to us "Come all of you who are burdened and heavily strapped and I will give you rest". Let Him help you with your problems and you will look back and say, 'You know, things weren't so bad after all."