Two Terrific Creations

by: Joe Talhelm

I love my computer! It is one of the best office tools I have. It checks my spelling, my grammar, and even lets me know if I have added too many words in a sentence. It allows me to send faxes, connect into the Internet, order from major department stores, pay bills by phone, meet people I never would have met and a multitude of other nice conveniences. My computer can answer the phone, give messages, take messages and let me know when I have messages waiting for me. I have heard of programs that will let my computer turn on my coffee pot, or control the lights in the house, even control the temperature during the day or night. My computer never talks back - sometimes it beeps at me, but I can handle that. It does just about anything a person could want. It is simply an unbelievable creation of man.

Would you like to see another unbelievable creation? Go to a mirror and look into it and you will see another awesome sight - you will see yourself! According to the Bible you were made in the image of God Himself. You will see a head with an awesome mind wrapped up inside. A mind that has tremendous potential to do anything, if used to it's capacity. You will also see strong legs & arms to carry practically any load given them. You will see ears & eyes that can take in volumes of information and convert that information into worthwhile inventions and plans to change society for the good forever. As you look at yourself in that mirror, you will also see a mouth that can make every person you meet have a better day, just by smiling and saying something nice to them. You will see a pair of hands that can slip into another individual's hand and guide them into a richer and fuller life. Hands that can hold other's up when they are down. Hands that could be a comfort to the world. You will also see a couple of feet that could go the extra mile for the down and out. Feet that can do the walking for less fortunate people and lighten their terrible load.

One thing you won't see in the mirror will be your heart. The very center of that tremendous creation called you. The same heart that feels for the hungry, hurts for the homeless, reaches out to the destitute, and is swept away by a babies smile. You say that your heart isn't like that? It probably is but has been toughened over the years by situations, heartaches, etc. But your heart really is a tender spot in that magnificent creation of God called you. And it is the spot where God wishes to live. It is the command center where He can lead, guide and direct His people.

It is the computer room of every individual, always ready to do good under God's direction. It is your computer and what you put into it will always come out. It is an awesome creation just as you are - God's creation. And God doesn't make junk.