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Jeremy's Webtv Ircs For The Upgrade

Hello Everyone! I'm Jeremy. You can find me chatting usually in the room teen. My nicknames are TripleA12, HellRazor15, WoLfPaCk15, and DegenerationX15. I made this page for all of you looking for IRCs that can change rooms after the upgrade. If u have any IRCs that can change rooms after the upgrade that aren't on my list, please email them to me and I will put them on it. I know many of my links don't work, so please email me and tell me which ones. They will be fixed or erased as soon as possible. If you would like to be emailed whenever my page is updated, let me know by signing my guestbook and give me your email address. Page Created On 7/13/98. Updated On 9/7/98. My page will be updated with lots of new IRCs soon. I have now added a banner on my site. Please click on it often. Every time someone clicks on it, I receive 20 cents. Thanks.
Ahmm Well Chat Bobbie's IRC Celeb's IRC
Adam's IRC
A-Herm IRC
Ahh-Huh IRC
Anthony's Buffalo IRC
Anti-Webtv IRC
A_Raver's IRC
Area 51 IRC
Armageddon IRC
Avenging Angel's Gothic IRC
Balls Wolfpac IRC
Becky21's IRC
Beer Man's Chat
Beta IRC
Big C Production IRC
Blue Rose's IRC
Boom Baby IRC
Bout-It Bout-It IRC
Cal~Freaks IRC
Candystryper's IRC
Candystryper's IRC 2
Celeb's New And Improved IRC
Cia2nite's IRCs
Clearly Carnage IRC
Clownhell's IRC
C-mac's New And Improved IRC
C-Money1's $$ Chat
Creacher's IRC
Crystal Lake IRC
Cy3erdog's IRC
Da Bomb Chat
Daria's Sick Sad Chat
Darksithlord's IRC
Don na3's IRC
Duber's Ez Webtv IRC
Duber's Silly Chat
DX's Break It Down IRC
Eet1's IRC
Enginear's IRC
Exit73 IRC
Faxboy's Mad Chat IRC
Fighter's Edge IRC
Flasher2's MBF Chat"
Fubu Sports IRC
Ghetto Supastar Network
Goldberg Room
HarborRat's IRC
Hartt To Hartt IRC
Hotrod & Ivette's IRC
Hot_Thang24's IRC
Indians_98s IRC
Jantonio's IRC
JAY1968's Chat
Jay1968 & Sweetness68's Chat
Kasp3r's IRC
The Keeper Of The Dark Domain
The King's IRC
Kodekiller's Kewl IRC
Leo52's IRC
Lillady2 & Eagleyes1's Vegaschat
Liquid-Death's Thieves IRC
Lissyz And Oasiz's IRC
Lizzyb1's IRC
Loozr IRC
Loves77 MBF Chat
LowThug's ThugChat
Mainman's IRC
Majic's Chat
Manilow IRC">
MasterDon's KACP
Meg~N~Aj's Webtv Spaz IRC
MethodMan7's Plan Chat
MethodMan7's Weedy Green IRC
The Mouse Trap 2
Mr Berry & JoeCamel's IRC
Nhl 91 Chat
Nonsense v2.301
N2play Chat
Oasiz mIRC1
Oasiz mIRC2
Pathos Promise Land IRC
Pezguy's IRC
Pogi Bomb @$$ IRC
Psx's Idaho-Cowboy Chat">
Quickiee's IRC
Razor's Basic IRC
Razors And Bombtrk-Gk's IRC
Razor's Conveinence IRC
Razor's Edge2 IRC
Razor's Frame IRC
Razor's Loose IRC
Razor's Ultimate Webtv IRC">
Razor's Upchat IRC
Rcool2's Chat
Real Audio Empire Chat
Real Recovery IRC
Rik And Nik's Kool Chat
Rocky Horror Chat 2
Ron28's IRC
Sadboy_1 Upgraded IRC
Sapphire's Hot Chat
Sector X Chat
Sensitive IRC
Sephiroth14's Kusanagi Chat
Sexy-Man's IRC(Sickest Chat I've Seen)
Shamrocks & Shanannigans IRC Chat
Shaun-2001's IRC
ShellSea IRC
SoulKiss IRC
SoulKiss IRC 2
Star_Boy's IRC
Starfleet Data Base IRC
S-Trek's IRC
Sweetnslow IRC
Trick-Assassins Chat
Ultimate Chat
Ultimate Comfort IRC
Undead Chamber
Venture's IRC
Veruca Boy IRC
Veterans IRC Chat
Vet's Chat
WarheadGurl's IRC
War_Machine IRC 1
War_Machine IRC 2
Web_Freak's IRC
WebTeeVee Chat
Webtv Extreme's IRC
Whisper IRC
Wild Power IRC
Wilno's IRC
Yoshi's Chat-O-Rama
These next two IRCs take you directly to teen. You cannot change rooms with these.
Home-Boyz Secret Chat
Korn17's IRC