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X-Com 1 Tips and Hints

This page is still under construction
This page will be dedicated to the first X-Com game.
I would also like to thank Neil Randall for his book X-Com: Strategies and Secrets

Geting Started.

Here is a list of things that need to be done at the begining of the game.
1. Rearm one Interceptor with Avalanche Missiles.
2. Research Medi-Kit then Lasers until you get a Plasma Weapon
3. Buy Grenades,Soldiers(I keep a six man reserve squad.),Auto and Heavy Cannons with HE rounds, Electro Flares, and Stun Rods.Also a HWP os good.
4. Build an Alien Containment, Radar Station, and Living Quaters.
5. Buy Scientist (I run 50 scienctist)
6. Start Manufacturing. (You'll need the extra money.)
7. It is also a good idea to build a second workshop and hire max engineers for it.
8. Sell all the stuff you do not wish to use like the pistols.

Attacking Alien Ships.

Once you get an alert you should send an Interceptor to attack, but do not get dismayed if you can not catch it. Sometimes it will take 3-4 attempts to down one. If you lose sight of a UFO you can redirect you ship to where you think it has went and sometimes reaquire sighting of it. When fighting an unknown craft use CAUTIOUS or NORMAL attack modes. Only use AGGRESIVE if you are positive your craft will not be shot down. If the alien craft lands(which is represented by a green X) send out the Skyranger immediatly and keep the Interceptor flying cover over it.(you will get more points and research materials if the UFO is undamaged, Also by following the supply ships you can locate an enemy base. I call this the TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER way to find a base.) Sometimes you may need to attack an alien craft with more than one fighter. Just let the first Interceptor get in some shots(usually all of his primary weapon) then get him out of there, you do not want to lose your Interceptors. It is also important to attack the UFOs on the ground to get more Elerium-115 and Alien Alloys which, you will be using alot of.

Attacking a downed UFO

How should I equip my agents?

In the beggining you should use the cannons with one extra clip of HE, the Rifles with 2 extra clips , 2 grenades per person, medi-kit, electro-flares if nightime conditions, and a stun rod if your alien containment is built.

Should I use a HWP?

In the beggining I like to because of the added fire power.

Help the first agent of the plane gets shot?

The first agent of will usually get shot that is why I like using HWP's to scout out the area near the landing craft and look for the cyberdisc since they are the most accurate and one of the hardest to kill with rifles.

How should I position my soldiers?

On the first turn I use a circular pattern and kneel them so I can cover all directions at once.

How many agents should I group togther?
I usually use 2 man teams.
Which reserved function should I use?
I use auto fire so I can get three shots. If you do not wish to walk around barriers you can shoot them, but be careful of gas stations(they are real useful when an alien is inside of them)
You should also use 2 squads per door to assault a UFO.
If you find one of your agents is out of supplies you can throw them from agent to agent.
If you plan on using an aggresive strategy bring extra explosives and clips
If you plan on using a cautious strategy bring an HWP or two and some smoke and proximity grenades.
You should also use cover whenever possible.
Stick to your stategy do not break formation to chase that last alien.
Only keep one weapon in your hand at a time to keep from losing accuracy.
Your squads should have 1 rifle and 1 cannon on them.
When you use grenades or explosives keep clear of the blast.
While inside bases or ships use auto fire since aliens will stand one behind the other.
Throw grenades into any suspected alien hiding spot.
During base attack if you already have a commander us your blaster bombs to take out the Command Center.
When moving your agents always try and end their turn behind cover. If you have to leave them uncovered kneel them(this improves accuracy.)
If you run out of ammo and can use alien technology pick up the aliens stuff and use it.
You should use the following check list when going on a mission:
1. The best and enough weapons and clips for your agents (Rifle = 2 extra clips Cannon = 1 extra clip)
2. 2 Grenades for each agent.
3. Medi-Kit for each agent
4. Electro-Flares for Night-Ops.
5. Stun rods.
6. Any armor that you have.

Managing your base.

In the begining of the game you should buy as many scientist as you can afford and start researching.
Once you can start manufacturing start you will need the extra money.
It is a good idea to build a second manufacturing plant to earn cash faster.
Build an alien containment and base defense.
Build a Hyperwave Decoder ASAP.
Where should I place my first base?
Here is a chart I like to use:
1. USA----------------Libya----------------Russia Near Europe
2. Germany----------South Canada-----North USA
3. China--------------Malaysia------------China
4. Central Africa--Western Russia----Brazil
5. Australia----------Australia-----------Australia
6. Brazil--------------Argentina----------Central Africa
7. India--------------South Mexico------Antartica
8. Artic--------------India-----------------Artic
You should not need all bases between 3-7 is sufficient.
When building a new base put in a hangar,living space,defenses, and general stores first. Then Workshop,alien containment, and a second hanger.
You do not need to fill all your bases up. I usually build 3 bases for soldiers and the rest are fighter outpost.
You should always keep enough weapons on hand to supply your troops in case of a base attack, you cannot get your equipment out of the skyranger, and sell all the rest.

Research and Manufacturing

Here are some tips for researching and building.
Hire as many sciencetist as possible early on and keep them working on the same project.
Do not stop researching.
Here are the research trees:
Laser Weapons -- Laser Pistol -- Laser Rifle -- Heavy Laser -- Laser Cannon -- Laser Tank -- Laser Defense
Plasma Rifle and Clip + Heavy Plasma and Clip -- Plasma Cannon -- Plasma Hovertank -- Plasma Defence
Alien Alloys -- Personal Armor
Elerium-115, Personal Armor, and UFO Power Source -- Power Suit
Power Suit and UFO Navigation -- Flying Suit
Blaster Launcher -- Blaster Bombs -- Fusion Ball -- Hovertank Launcher -- Fusion Ball Defense
Alien Alloys, Elerium-115, UFO Power Source, and UFO Navigation -- UFO Construstion -- Firestorm -- Lightning -- Avenger
Lightning -- Grav Shield
Any Alien -- Alien Origins
Medic -- Species Information
Navigator -- Hyperwave Decoder, Alien Ships, and Alien Missions
Etheral or Sectiod Leader -- Psionics Labratory
Psionics Labratory -- Mind Shield and Psi Amp
Alien Origins and any Leader -- The Martian Solution
The Martian Solution and any Commander -- Cydonia or Bust
There are other items you can research but they do not lead into any other items.
When manufacturing keep the workshop full and all engineers on the same item. You should also never stop producing.
Keep track of how much Elerium-115 you have left you will need this the most and the only way to get it is to raid a base or an intact landing site.
Once you research a certian alien you can just sell thier bodies for $2o,ooo a corpse.Also, if you have a commander,leader and navigator, I just usually kill everything.

The Aliens

Know your Alien
Their are 11 different race of aliens each has strengths and weaknesses. To defeat the alien threat you must know which aliens congragate together.

Ethereals -- Sectopods

Floaters -- Reapers
Mutons -- Celatids and Silacoids
Sectoids -- Cyberdisc
Snakemen -- Chryssalids
The aliens listed first are the main races, the second list are the terrorist which will be at alien bases, terror sites, and large landing/crashes
Here is a general catalog of each alien:


Nickname: Jellybeans
Speed: High
Accuracy: Medium
Endurance: Medium
Reactions: Medium
Armor: Medium
Celatids can float and move freely around the battlescape. It also seems to be able to sense your agents. It shoots spitballs at you. They are also easy to kill


Nickname: F@ckers
Speed: High
Accuracy: Touch Only
Endurance: High
Reactions: High
Armor: High
Watch yourself around these. When they hit you they impregnate the agent with an egg which hatches into another Chryssalid. So take extreme care when facing these.


Nickname: CD
Speed: High
Accuracy: High
Endurance: Medium
Reactions: High
Armor: High
These Pain in the buts like to fly so watch out. They will also shoot back when shot and they rarely miss. Unfortunately, you need the heavy artillery for these pains rifle shot will hardly do any damage, so use the HWPs, cannons or grenades. They also like to blow up when killed so watch out.


Nickname: Monks
Speed: High
Accuracy: High
Endurance: Low
reactions: High
Armor: Low
These idiots like to fly and mind control you, but if you capture one you can research Psionics.


Nickname: Aerial Targets
Speed: Medium
Accuracy: Medium
Endurance: Low
Reactions: Medium
Armor: Low
Floaters are another flyer, but they are easy to kill. If you find a floater bases try too capture as many as possible since they are one of the easiest aliens to handle.


Nickname: Hulks
Speed: Low
Accuracy: High
Endurance: High
Reactions: Medium
Armor: High
These green goofballs are the alien shocktroops. The only good thing about them is not all of them will have weapons at a crash site in the late game. They will also, hit whatever they shoot at.


Nickname: Alfs
Speed: Low
Accuracy: Touch Only
Endurance: High
Reactions: Low
Armor: High
Don't fear the Reaper, just stay clear and grenade them in early game.


Nickname: ETs
Speed: Medium
Accuracy: Medium
Endurance: Low
Reactions: Medium
Armor: Very Low
These are usually the first aliens you encounter. They are real easy to kill.If you see on of your agents get mind controled start stunning everything in site because a leader will give you psionics.


Nickname: Tanks
Speed: Medium
Accuracy: Medium
Endurance: High
Reactions: Medium
Armor: High
These "tanks" have the best armor in the game you need to hit them with multiple heavy plasma shots or a blaster bomb.


Nickname: Silly Putty
Speed: Low
Accuracy: Touch Only
Endurance: High
Reactions: Low
Armor: Medium
Just keep your agents and tanks away from these. I have never seen one attack so I figure they have to touch you to kill you


Speed: Low
Accuracy: Medium
Endurance: Low
Reactions: Medium
Armor: Low
If they are alone they are the easiest ones to kill(except in the desert when their accuracy increases)


X-Com Craft:


Type: Fighter.
Availibility: Beginning of the game.
Cost: $600,000.
Alien Materials: N/A
Time to Build: N/A
Maximium Speed: 2100
Acceleration: 3
Fuel Capacity: 1000 Gallons
Weapons Pods: 2
Damage Capacity: 100
Cargo Space: 0
HWP Capacity: 0
Your basic fighter can take out the very small, small, and medium alien craft, can also take out Supply Ships when armed with Plasma Cannons.


Type: Troop Transport.
Availibility: Beginning of the game.
Cost: $500,000
Alien Materials: N/A
Time to Build: N/A
Maximium Speed: 760
Acceleration: 2
Fuel Cappacity: 1500 Gallons
Weapon Pods: 0
Damage Capacity: 150
Cargo Space: 14
HWP Capicity: 3
This is your basic troop transport and UFO Tailer if you think they will land


Type: Fighter.
Availibility: Must research Alloys, Power unit, and Navigation.
Cost: $400,000
Alien Materials: 65 Alloys, 1 Power Source, and 1 Navigation.
Time to Build: 14,000 Engineer Hours.
Maximium Speed: 4200
Acceleration: 9
Fuel Capacity: 20 Gallons.
Weapons Pods: 2
Damage Capacity: 500
Cargo Space: 0
HWP Capacity: 0
This fighter is a good replacment for the Interceptor, but it has a limited range. Usually it is better to go for the Avenger.


Type: Interceptor/Transport.
Availibility: After researching the Firestorm.
Cost: $600,000
Alien Materials: 85 Alloys, 1 Power Source, and 1 Navigation.
Time to Build: 18,000 Engineer Hours.
Maximium Speed: 3100
Acceleration: 8
Fuel Capacity: 30 Gallons
Weapons Pod: 1
Damage Capacity: 800
Cargo Space: 12
HWP Capacity: 0
This is the first Fighter/Transport you can build. If you don't use HWP's you can build this.


Type: Fighter/Transport.
Availiblity: After researching the Lightning
Cost: $900,000
Alien Materials: 120 Alloys, 2 Power Sources, and 1 Navigation
Time to Build: 34,000 Engineer Hours.
Maximium Speed: 5400
Acceleration: 10
Fuel Capacity: 60 Gallons.
Weapon Pods: 2
Damage Capacity: 1200
Cargo Space: 26
HWP Capacity: 4
This is the ultimate craft. You should build one as soon as possible. Once you shoot down a craft it will automatically land and attack(you should always save before sending the Avenger out on case ot gets shot down.)

Alien Craft.

Abductor Mission Type: Abduction.
Damage Capacity: 500
Weapon Power: 40
Weapon Range: 160
Maximium Speed: 4300
This is a realitively easy craft to assault.


Mission Type: Base Building, Infiltration, and Retalation.
Damage Capacity: 3000
Weapon Power: 140
Weapon Range: 520
Maximium Speed: 5000
Be very carefull of the craft. If you cannot shoot one down follow it till it lands and assault it. There will be a Commander and Leader on it, also watch out the Navigator will usaully be the one holding the Blaster Launcher. So you will need to keep your Agents spread out. He is usually located near the central pylon door.


Mission Type: Harvest
Damage Capacity: 500
Weapon Power: 40
Weapon Range: 176
Maximium Speed: 4000
This is another easy craft to assault.

Large Scout

Mission type: Research
Damage Capacity: 250
Weapon Power: 20
Weapon Range: 272
Maximium Speed: 2700
Crew Compliment: 7 - 9
Fairly straightfoward craft to assault. There are usually 4 inside ande the rest outside you should be able to assault this with 2 teams, one taking each side a piece.

Medium Scout

Mission Type: Research.
Damage Capacity: 200
Weapon Power: 20
Weapon Range: 120
Maximium Speed: 2400
Crew Compliment: 3-5
This craft can only be assaulted in the early game because in the late game you will usually destroy it in 2 shots.

Small Scout

Mission Type: Research
Damage Capacity: 50
Weapon Power: 0
Weapon Range: 0
Maximium Speed: 2200
Crew Compliment: 1
This will probably the first ship you assault. It is the easiest, except when the alien is not in his craft and you have to go hunt him down.

Supply Ship.

Mission Type: Supply
Damage Capacity: 2200
Weapon Power: 60
Weapon Range: 288
Maximium Speed: 3200
This is a good space craft to follow around since it is coming or going to an alien base. Just be careful of the command center because there is usually one waiting for. The easy way is to blow a hole through the roof with a blaser bomb or through a grenade near the corner.

Terror Ship

Mission Type: Terror.
Damage Capacity: 1200
Weapon Power: 120
Weapon Range: 336
Maximium Speed: 4800
Be Catious of these ships because they have the terrorist aboard and the like to use both doors.


Weapons. Name Accuracy% Tu's% Dmg Max Auto Snap Aimed Auto Snap Aimed Ammo

Alien Grenade 90 Auto Cannon 32 56 82 40 33 80 Armor Pierc. 42 High explos. 44 Incendiary 48 Blaster Laun. 120 80 200 1 Grenade 50 Laser Pistol 28 40 68 25 20 55 46 N/A Laser Rifle 46 65 100 34 25 50 60 N/A Heavy Cannon 60 90 33 80 Armor Pierc. 56 High Explos. 52 Incendiary 60 Heavy Laser 60 90 33 75 85 N/A Heavy Plasma 50 75 110 35 30 60 115 High Explosi. 110 Pistol 60 78 18 30 26 12 Plasma Pistol 50 65 85 35 30 60 52 Plasma Rifle 55 86 100 36 30 60 80 Proximity Gr. 70 Rifle 35 65 110 35 25 80 30 20 Rocket Launc. 55 115 45 75 1 Armor Pierc. 75 High Explos. 100 Incendairy 90 Smoke Grenade 60

Engineering Name Hour Elerium Alloys Cost Sell Workspace

Alien Grenade 6700 15000 Blaster Bomb 220 3 0 8000 17000 Blaster Launcher 90000 144000 Fusion Ball Luanc. 400 242000 6 Fusion Ball 600 4 0 28000 6 Heavy Laser 700 32000 61000 4 Heavy Plasma 1000 1 122000 172000 4 Clip 80 3 6000 4 Hovertank Launcher 1400 25 8 900000 30 Laser Cannon 300 182000 6 Laser Pistol 300 8000 20000 2 Laser Rifle 400 20000 37000 3 Medi-Kit 420 28000 4 Motion Scanner 220 34000 4 Plasma Beam 500 15 226000 15 Psi-Amp 500 1 160000 4 Small Launcher 7800 12000 Stun Bomb 7000 15000 Tank: Laser Cannon 1200 500000 25 Plasma Cannon 1200 30 5 850000 30 Launcher 1400 25 8 900000 30 Launcher Ammo 400 5 8 15000 25

Armor Name Front Left Right Rear Under

Flying Suit 110 90 90 80 70 Personal Armor 50 40 40 30 30

Craft Weapons Name Damage Range(Km) Accuracy% Re-Load(S)

Avalanche 100 60 100 20 Cannon 10 10 10 2 Fusion Ball 230 65 230 25 Laser Cannon 70 21 70 4 Plamsa Beam 140 52 140 6 Stingray 70 30 70 15

Tanks Tank Hovertank Cannon Launcher Laser Plasma Launcher Cannon Laser Plasma

TU's 70 100 Health 90 90 Armor: Front 90 130 Left 75 130 Right 75 130 Rear 60 130 Under 60 100 Weapon Type Armor Fusion Piercing Ball Power 60 140 Ammo Cannon Fusion Shells Bombs Rounds 30 8

Base Structures: Name Cost Upkeep Days to Build Special

Access Lift 300000 4000 1 Main Alien Entry. Alien Contai. 400000 18000 15 Stores 10 Aliens. Fusion Ball 800000 14000 34 80% Acc 1200 Damage. Gen. Stores 150000 5000 10 You put stuff here. Grav Shield 1.2 Mil 15000 38 Fire Again. Hangar 200000 25000 25 Store 1 plane.Alien entry point. Hyper-Wave 1.4 Mil 30000 26 Tells you everthing. Labratory 750000 30000 26 Holds 50 Researchers. Large Radar 800000 15000 25 5%/10 Min Range 450 Mi. Laser Def. 400000 10000 24 60% Acc 600 Damage. Living Quat. 400000 10000 16 Sleeps 50 comfortly. Mind Shield 1.3 Mil 5000 30 Make your base harder to find. Missile Def. 200000 5000 5 50% Acc, 500 Damage. Plasma Def. 600000 12000 34 70% Acc 900 Damage. Psionic Lab 750000 16000 24 Trains 10 Agents. Small Radar 500000 10000 12 5% detection/10Min Range 300Mi. Tiolets Hold it till X-Com 3. Workshop 800000 35000 25 Builds Stuff.

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