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Horror Movie Heaven

It's been a while but we are back!!!!

With horror once again returning as the most brutal genre in movie making it deserves to be enjoyed by everyone.

We have links to all the happenings in the world of Horror movies including information on up & coming releases, news and our own reviews. Be sure to check out the new link to the direct-to-video release from Hollywood Video !!! "PARTY CRASHER", it's sure to be the type of low budget affair us true horror fans have come to love ala HALLOWEEN

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Elm St. Quiz

What Nightmare on Elm St. movie is best?

Nightmare on Elm St. 1
N'mare on ELm St 2: Freddy's Reveng
N'Mare on Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors
N'mare on ELm St 4: The Dream Master
N'mare on ELm St 5: The Dream Child
N'mare on ELm St 6: Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare
Wes Craven's New Nightmare

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