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History Of Tweed

Tweed is a rockin' band that plays a mixture of rockabilly, alternative, folk and western music. The band members include the following talented musicians that bring their roots influence from Oklahoma to Toronto, Canada, from Southern California to Albuquerque, New Mexico & back again.

David Lear: Albuquerque singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist performs his personal strife and spiritual salvation songs with an urgent voice to be reckoned with. The audience feels the importance of the emotion, whether it is anger, sadness or just plain fun.

Heidi Weeks: Singer, chicken shaker and sometimes washboard strummer has the voice of an angel with a twang. Raised in Oklahoma listening to country & western her roots influence go way back to her father, Otis Weeks, who occasionally played guitar for Hank Williams.

Dick "Fireball" Sanchez: Burning bassist of the group brings his latin soul and rock groove to keep the band pounding a live stage show that leaves you demanding more. He also has played with The Creeps, a punker band that has won awards and local LA acclaim.

Brad Lewis: Plays lead guitar, mandolin, banjo, steel and anything else with strings. Having recorded and gigged with numerous artist and bands, he is truly Tweed's secret weapon and chief gun slinger.

Tom Richmond: Blows the harmonica better than any other "Mississippi saxophone" player to come around in years. He not only adds dynamics to a Tweed live show but his harp stylizing gives the band an original sound.

Rick Parnell: Rounds out the group with a drum strength and style to hold down and anchor Tweed's rockabilly sound. Acting and playing drums in the Spinal Tap movie, there is no doubt he has star quality.

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