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JUNE, 2015
CAMP ORR on the Buffalo River. Troop 33 attended Camp at Camp Orr on June 21-27, 2015. Troop 33 was joined by Troop 70 of Coushatta, LA. The boys and leaders had a great time and earned a lot of advancement of ranks in the Buffalo Trail (Trail to First Class) and earned many merit badges. The Troop took several hikes in the mountains including Twin Falls where they swam and played in the waterfall and pool (WAS VERY COLD TOO). The boys took another hike to Castle Rock where they jumped from a 30' cliff into a nice pool of water on the river. Hiking back to the Camp, the group was met with a severe storm and the river began to rise. The Camp staff sent out a group of staffers who came to check on the group. When the staff found us, we were inside an old barn on the side of a mountain where the group was able to get out of the rain. Overall, the Camp was super, and the boys had a great time. Leaders took first place for the Scout Leader Dutch Oven Cookoff (Wild Buffalo Berry Peach Cobbler), and Mr. James Garret (Assistant Scoutmaster) took first place in the shooting events.

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