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Jennifer Love Hewitt

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What's New?

  • Ok, I fixed gallery 4. It was totally messed. I guess no one noticed it? The links page is not up yet! My bad! It will be up soon. Minor changes to this site are always being made. Like, moving the drop-down menu from bottom to top! (8.3.98)

  • Added a gallery! And some other basic stuff, like a guestbook and message board. (7.28.98)

  • Added two new pages: AOLove and Filmography. Make sure to check them out. (7.25.98)

  • Added a Discography page with lyrics and track listings for all three of Love's CDs. (7.23.98)

  • Added a separate counter for this page. (7.21.98)

  • Added a Biography page. (7.20.98)

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Hot Picks

  • Want to see Love on the next cover of Teen People? Then vote for her! You might even be able to sneak in a few extra votes haha. Also, check Love on any late night show guest appearances. (8.7.98)
  • Love's new independent film Telling You, is having it's world premiere August 7th at the Hollywood Film Festival. Want more info? Click here. (7.25.98)

  • I finally caught some of MTV's Fanatic (Weekdays 11 pm/ET) with Love in it. I guess they are going to have re-runs. I'll get some realvideo and pics on it soon. (7.22.98)

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